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5 Reasons Video Can Help Increase Service Revenue

Posted by Manuel Soto Saturday, May 31, 2014

In our modern world of technology and instant information, consumers are increasingly seeking answers to their questions online rather than asking a business for it. One way that consumers are doing this is through video content they find online. Video content provides many benefits for consumers as well as businesses. In the automotive industry, there are many companies that laud the benefits of video marketing of inventory. Why? Because it works. Consumers who are in market for a vehicle, especially a pre-owned vehicle, get a much better idea of the vehicle’s condition and features through live video walk-arounds than through the few staged photos that many dealerships offer on their website.  The same principle applies to your service department.

Here are 5 reasons video could help increase service revenue and sales:

  1. KISSmetrics reports “video now appears in 70% of the top 100 search results listings, and that viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video.”
  2. Videos offer a source of instant information for a business’ customer. How many times in a day do you find yourself explaining what each component of a 50,000 miles service is to a service customer? Customers aren’t opposed to spending money to protect their investment in their vehicle. They simply don’t want to spend money on unnecessary services. Videos inform customers on the benefits of the service and help reinforce their importance.
  3. Videos offer greater exposure for the service department and dealership in general. Search engines deliver results based on relevancy. In addition, they take into account the location of the searcher. This is why a consumer who searches “Toyota dealer” doesn’t see results that include dealerships across the country. Dealers who produce high quality instructional and how-to videos will find that they are better able to penetrate search results for key service words. Independents have been doing it for a while.
  4. Taking the time to produce these videos may seem arduous and certainly has an expense. However, there is huge value in providing videos for your customers that serve as a way to answer their questions at their convenience. In this way, videos can also help reinforce the need for the service before they come into the dealership. Service information and scheduling are among the primary reasons consumers visit your website. Providing the information they need to make a decision in advance, will help save time in the service department and increase the service advisor’s efficiency.
  5. Videos help establish trust and assist in positioning the dealerships as a source of expert information. Consumers who are seeking information appreciate the time and energy spent in providing them. This can differentiate a dealership from its competition and be the tipping point that leads the consumer to that specific dealership.

At AutoPoint, we’ve long found that there are huge benefits in providing video content as a means to reinforce service recommendations. Videos and pictures can decrease service declines by educating the consumer of the features and benefits of the recommendation. They greatly assist the customer in making an informed decision. They can also help decrease the repetitive questions service advisors face daily and attract more business.


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