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Check Your Mobile Presence

Posted by Hilary Biggart Tuesday, March 22, 2016

You’ve seen it coming. You’ve watched smartphones go from an expensive toy to an everyday necessity. You’ve watched your customers spend more and more time staring at screens and sending texts while phone calls have become a relic of past times.

The digital revolution is here and mobile is king. So if you want your business to stay relevant, successful, and appealing to your most important customers, a mobile presence is no longer optional. Your mobile marketing can make or break your success just as much as your in-store service or sales numbers.   

Even if you think you already have a sufficient mobile presence, it’s worth checking your strategies to make sure you’re taking full advantage of impactful tools.

Get a Mobile App

There’s an app for everything these days and dealerships are no exception. At least they shouldn’t be. A dealer-branded mobile app gives you a constant source of connection to your customers, and a consistent presence in their pockets (literally).

Look for an app that offers your customers useful tools they’ll actually use in their everyday lives, such as a digital parking meter or a parking space finder. Pair these tools with your dealership’s own offerings, including inventory as well as an easy online scheduler.

Apps can go so far as to offer geo-fencing, which will actually send offers and enticements to your customers if they even go near one of your competitors.

Check Your Site Content

Whether you’re concerned about attracting customers or boosting your search engine rankings, good site copy will help you do both. Scan your site copy and make sure it’s up to date, useful for readers, and clearly spells out what makes your dealership unique and why customers should choose you over competitors.

Online tools such as an easy-to-find appointment scheduler are also crucial for attracting customers and getting them in your doors.  

Stay Present on Social Media

Social media has become an increasingly valuable way to market your business. Your customer spend hours of time on social media sites every week, if not every day. You also have the ability now to precisely target your digital ads to deliver messages to your customers that are relevant to their actual needs.

Data-driven digital advertising platforms identify which customers to target and what message they need to hear, then delivers relevant ads to the online places your customers visit most. Your customers see hundreds of ads every day, but with a system that provides relevant messages, you have a much better chance at a significant impact.  


The digital age is here to stay and maintaining a quality mobile presence is no longer optional. Check your current strategies and make sure you’re getting the most of what technology has to offer. 


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