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Critical Steps for Effective Digital Marketing

Posted by Hilary Biggart Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Traditional advertising mediums, such as billboards and commercials, are decreasing in popularity as more and more companies choose to do their marketing online. Even the big auto makers had a smaller presence at the Super Bowl this year, thanks to a trend toward advertising on platforms like social media instead.

Needless to say, digital marketing has never been more important. As you go about building your strategy, there are a few vital steps you should take to ensure you get the most bang for your marketing buck. Here, we’ll go over five critical elements of effective digital marketing strategy.

1) Select your audience

As an auto retailer, your audience is fairly broad. But you can still target your marketing messages to appeal to a certain audience that will help you achieve a specific goal. For example, if your hybrid sales have been going down since the price of oil has dropped, you might want to strengthen your appeal to environmentally-minded consumers.

Every ad you put online should have a specific audience in mind.

2) Get the right tools

Don’t waste your time on piecemeal marketing efforts. For effective digital marketing, you need a comprehensive platform that can do everything from execute your campaigns to issue extensive metrics and reporting on the efficacy of your efforts.

A good marketing platform will use data for direction and integrate with your DMS to present your customers with ads that are relevant to their current needs. Your platform should also segment your customers into groups and identify which ones are your most lucrative prospects.

3) Remember: no one reads

A key feature of internet behavior these days is a short attention span. For example, you’ve probably skimmed this blog looking for the best points. Similarly, your customers have no patience for lengthy copy or tricky headlines. Keep your information clear, succinct, and easy to scan. Your customers likely won’t bother to carefully read everything you put out there, so you want the most important information to be easily noticeable. 

4) Say as little as possible

Brands like Apple, Google, and Nike have adopted a highly effective minimalist ad style, which has successfully set the standard for digital ad content. The less you have to say while still getting your point across, the better.

Brands who do this successfully often have a set story they create as part of their brand identity. What story are you trying to tell about your dealership? What do you want your customers to associate you with? And how can you get that point across using as few words as possible?

5) Monitor your strategy

Comprehensive metrics are essential for tracking your campaign’s progress and efficacy. Consult your analytics frequently and adjust your campaigns as needed to create maximum impact.

As the focus of advertising shifts more and more toward social media, mobile, and online, effective digital marketing is more important than ever. Craft your campaigns to make the most of your marketing dollars and reach the customers you most want to bring into your dealership. 


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