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Meet Our New Solution: Targeted Display Advertising

Posted by Hilary Biggart Tuesday, February 09, 2016

As you might’ve heard, yesterday we announced a new solution called Targeted Display Advertising (TDA). We built TDA to revolutionize the way our customers use digital display advertising and the impact it has on their customers.

Customers see thousands of marketing messages every day, and as mobile media time has gone up, the number of digital ads your customers have to wade through has only increased. Your ads have to be pretty special to stand out from the crowd, and there are two main ways to get your ads noticed:

1) Make them visible.

Up until now, most auto retailers have relied on a shotgun-style method for digital ad distribution. You put your ads in as many places as possible and hope the right people see them. But that’s hardly a precise way to increase your ads’ visibility.

The fact is, your customers can’t respond to your ads if they never see them. Which means you need to make sure you ads appear in the places you know your customers visit.

2) Make them relevant.

To break through the endless advertising noise your customers see every day, your ads should be personally relevant to your customers. Your ads should clearly address a need you know that particular customer has. Whether it’s time for an oil change or their 100,000 mile checkup, customers respond to ads that are relevant to their personal needs.

So where does TDA come in?

We created TDA to give our dealers an ultra-targeted hyper-precise way to display their digital ads. We use offline customer data, such as your customers’ vehicle mileage, to figure out which ads they actually need to see. Then we put those ads in the online places they visit most.

TDA does not guess which websites your customers will likely visit—it knows, and it plans your ads placement accordingly. TDA also relies on customer segmentation to identify your most valuable customers and bring them into your store more often.  

Stop spraying, start targeting.

TDA offers auto retailers an innovative and exclusive new way to make the most of your marketing dollars and give your digital ads maximum impact. With so many marketing messages filling up your customers’ attention spans, you need a way to break through the white noise. And now it’s here.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more about TDA or how you can put it work in your business? See here and request a demo. 


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