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Tech tools and your human staff.

Posted by Hilary Biggart Thursday, June 23, 2016

You’ve heard the criticisms. With every new technology and feature, tech critics rant about how technology is destroying our human relationships and depleting our interactions.

But is it? We spend a lot of time talking about all the tech tools you should have in your dealership and the digital solutions that work to bring all the pieces of your business together in the most effective ways. But are these tools really negatively affecting your real, human relationships with your customers?

The simple answer is no, and it’s for one simple reason: tech can’t replace humans. The tech tools you use in your business can’t do the human jobs. What they can do is give you the platform you need to transform the customer experience and enrich the real customer relationships you have.

Tech enhances the real world.

The idea behind all tech tools it to connect content to the world around you. No matter how much data you collect, it means nothing if you can’t put it to work for your business. For example, knowing what kind of vehicle your customers wants to purchase is only helpful if you can use that information to get them on your sales lot and into that new vehicle.

What data does, and should, do, is make that process easier. The data tells you what your customers want and what you need to say to help them have the best experience possible. Once they’re actually in your shop or on your lot, tech enhances the same effortless customer experience you offer, but it’s your human staff who form the connections.

Tech maintains the connections you form.

Constant connection is one of tech’s greatest selling points and its biggest point of criticism. For you though, tech tools change the way you relate to your customer when they’re not in your physical store. Analog marketing methods like mailers and letters can only go so far. The digital age requires more.

Mobile apps take care of the details, making it easy to track loyalty points, issue rewards, show your inventory, and block the competition—all in one central space. Apps are your avenue to your customer’s attention. These tools work to support the connections you work so hard to create, even when you can’t be physically present. And when it comes to retention, constant connection makes all the difference.


People will always criticize approaching innovation and resist change. But tech tools aren’t here to alienate your service advisors or eliminate your salespeople from customer interactions. These tools create an effortless space in which you can more easily give your customers what they need and want—and to create a kind of loyalty you’d never find in a stack of paperwork. 


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