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The Best Ways to Educate Motorists—And Sell in the Process

Posted by Manuel Soto Friday, August 07, 2015

You could train your service advisors on every sales technique in the book. You could have the lowest prices and the highest quality. You could run your shop like a well-oiled machine. And yet, you might still have trouble retaining your customers if you don’t empower and educate them throughout the service process.

Customer loyalty depends on trust. And there’s no better way to build trust than through effective customer education. When customers feel empowered to make informed decisions based on their own knowledge, they are much more likely to come back to your shop and stay your partner for life—rather than chasing the best price or an attractive one-time offer.

Differentiate Between Competing and Educating

Too often, service providers are so preoccupied with competing against other shops that they forget to educate their customers in the process. It’s one thing to offer lower prices or better quality than your competitors, but it might not help you if your customers don’t understand why these things are valuable.

Include educational outreaches along with your competitive strategies. When you offer an exclusive deal or benefit to your customers, make sure they know why it’s a good opportunity for them.

Show Them Why They Need a Service

Most motorists don’t know much about their own vehicles. They have to trust you and take your word for it that they need the services you say they do. This kind of vulnerability can make some motorists feel defensive.

Effective education defeats defensiveness. If you can show your customers why they need a service, then they feel better able to make an informed decision. This type of empowerment results in loyal customers and more approved service recommendations.

Don’t forget to monitor the efficacy of your presentation methods along the way. Informative articles, videos, and photos are powerful tools in motorist education.

Understand Common Stumbling Blocks

Know what most often confuses customers or prevents them from accepting service recommendations. Analyze your service advisors’ sales techniques and determine which are effective and which turn customers off. Then distribute this information to the rest of your team. If you know what makes customers walk away, then you can prevent situations that encourage them to leave.

Present Yourself as a Credible Expert

Remember that even with good information and educational strategies, your customers still have to trust you when you make service recommendations. If your motorists don’t have a strong sense of trust, they will feel more inclined to defer services.

Consistent inspection results, engaging motorist environments, and personalized service will all contribute to motorist loyalty and education.

Keep in Touch

Another way to educate your customers is through reminders. Many motorists forget their vehicle’s regular maintenance needs or dismiss previously-deferred services as unimportant. Reminders for these things help educate your customers on what it takes to keep their vehicle running smoothly, and keeps them in the driver’s seat of their own service.


Customer education extends throughout the entire service process. If you can use education techniques effectively, you will increase your retention and build a strong service department with a loyal customer base.


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