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The Elements of Effortless Part I

Posted by Hilary Biggart Thursday, May 19, 2016

You’ve seen it before. They buy a car, or make an appointment, or come in for a simple service. And you never see them again.

Customers are hard to bring back. Your business faces endless competition, your customers have infinite options, and differentiation is difficult. We already know that customers loyalty declines drastically over time.

Customer retention is one of the hardest challenges the auto industry faces today. And they’re not the only ones.

If you’ve been keeping up with our tech case studies, you know the auto industry isn’t the only one battling retention issues. But how are other companies dealing with it? They’re implementing innovative technology that brings in new tools and offers new features, all in an effort to engage their customers and win their loyalty.

As for tech in the auto industry? We have disruptors of our own. Look how Tesla, Uber, and Google Cars are already starting to shape our driving future. What’s going to happen when electric cars meet autonomous driving and huge increase in ride sharing? How are you going to keep customers coming back then?

The solution: end-to-end control.

An exceptional customer experience is the best differentiator you could possibly implement. If your customers feel engaged and connected, they’ll be far less likely to seek out the competition. And technology plays a huge part in engendering that connected atmosphere.

You probably already use some customer-facing tech. An online appointment system, for example. But that’s not enough to create a retention-building customer experience. You need end-to-end control that creates an effortless customer environment—right from the beginning.

Electronic titling and registration.

How does your titling team currently title and register vehicles? Do they still write refund checks, wait in line at the DMV, and fill out paperwork? Streamlining the titling and registration process is step one in the customer journey and the first part of the effortless experience you need to create.

Electronic titling and registration systems simplify the titling and registration process so your customers have a smooth experience (and your staff works more efficiently as well). Look for pre-populated paperwork, automatically-calculated taxes and fees (especially for out-of-state vehicles), and web-based software in the titling system you choose.

A successful service drive.

If you didn’t catch our blog last week on success on the service drive, it’s a great place to start. Demand more from your service drive than a simple order-taking process. Your advisors launch the service journey—they must provide a curated, concierge-level customer experience.

Look for mobile-enabled software in your service drive solution. The system you choose should allow your advisors to complete write-ups on the spot, perform walk-around inspections, and add items to the day’s RO with a simple tap.

This are just the first few elements of effortless. Next week, we’ll look at how to keep your customers connected once they leave your shop so you can build loyalty and transform your retention rates.   


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