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The Transformation of Customer Service

Posted by Manuel Soto Saturday, June 29, 2013

Our philosophy at MPi centers on using technology to increase efficiency and generate more revenue for the dealership, while ensuring a better customer experience and an increase in customer retention. However, sometimes it’s the small things that contribute to this effort.

A recent article in Fast Company detailed a global survey in which customers are increasingly expecting more automation and greater access to information. They specifically desire self-service solutions for access to data or customer service. While this trend is more seen overseas than it is here in the U.S., it still exists. 

In any service industry the ability to provide detailed information to a customer at a moment’s notice is imperative. Customers no longer have the patience or time to wait on hold for answers to their questions. Businesses that cannot provide timely information in a manner the customer can understand will experience greater customer dissatisfaction.

“Consumers expect companies to keep improving their level of service. They want their questions answered and problems solved in a timely, friendly and efficient manner. Consumers have a strong aversion to having to contact a company several times or sharing the same information more than once,” the article states.

Any business that fails to provide this level of service will suffer customer attrition as customers will choose to take their business elsewhere.

How long does it take you to update a customer on the status of their vehicle being serviced? What kind of communication processes do you have in place to notify customers of additional recommended service? How much time are your employees spending running around getting answers to these questions?

In the age of instant information, customers want immediate access to information about their vehicles.  The ability to quickly communicate requested information is something they will appreciate. It will also increase their customer satisfaction levels.

The service department is, first and foremost, service based. It’s easy to forget that small, but important, detail. With all the communication tools available nowadays – e-mail, text, phone, social media, and the Internet – the very definition of customer service is changing.

Any dealership that wishes to stay ahead of the competition needs to really be in tune with the needs and wants of its customers. Be prepared to update technology and more efficiently communicate to customers in the way they desire. Ensure that any critical information about their vehicle is readily available to them. In this way your dealership will be well positioned to not only increase customer retention, but to also gain new customers looking for a better customer experience.


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