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Turn the music up.

Posted by Hilary Biggart Tuesday, July 05, 2016

This is an installment in a weekly series on uncommon tech innovations and implementations across all industries. Get an inside look at how other companies have changed their brands, their sales, and their retention through digital and mobile tech. ..

Spotify was born in a Swedish apartment packed with overheated servers. Founders Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon launched the music streaming app in 2005 out of Ek’s apartment, packed with running servers that kept the room sweltering even in the frigid Swedish winter.

The founders’ tenacity soon paid off as the streaming platform began to gain hordes of subscribers over the next several years—and as they were able to move out of Ek’s apartment. It seemed that since the rise of the internet and music stealing software, people had been searching for a way to pay a reasonable price for their music while still using their favorite digital platforms to play it—and Spotify fit the bill.

Spotify is known for music, considering they introduced the very concept of paying consistent royalties in exchange for easy access to tunes, but its genius extends far beyond its playlists. No, Spotify’s true genius lies in its integrations.

The music company has mastered the art of pairing its services with other popular platforms where their users spend most of their time. Exhibit A: Facebook.

The first to partner with Facebook.

Spotify figured out early on that music is often a social endeavor. The streaming platform’s users wanted their friends to know what they were listening to, they wanted to share songs with people they knew, and they wanted to be part of musical trends. So Spotify partnered with Facebook.

First, Spotify allowed Facebook users to include in their status what song they were listening to. Years later, Spotify became the first music service to integrate with Facebook’s Messenger app. Now, users can open Spotify directly in the Messenger app and send songs immediately.

Play your own Uber DJ.

Spotify didn’t stop with Facebook. In 2014, the streaming service partnered with Uber to allow customers to display their own musical tastes during their rides. Uber riders connect their Spotify account to their Uber app and request a song at the same time they request a ride. When their car shows up, it’s their tunes coming through the speakers.

Changing the conversation.

With the rise of the internet and illegal music software running wild, many people both inside and outside the industry had nearly given up on making money from music anymore. Spotify changed the game by giving its subscribers an easy digital way to listen to almost any music they wanted, while simultaneously paying the artists who created it. Spotify introduced the subscriber streaming revolution and music hasn’t been the same since.

What we can learn.

We talk a lot about how many piecemeal products flood the auto industry today. You’ve likely heard your service advisors and techs complain about having to wrangle too many screens and too many platforms to perform simple tasks. Spotify is a perfect example of how integration among various discrete tools can form a cohesive, seamless customer experience when all the pieces come together.

You might not immediately imagine Facebook or Uber with Spotify, but their partnerships create a consumer ecosystem highly personalized to the customer’s tastes in a way that empowers them to control their own experience—and all through their preferred mobile medium.

Much like Spotify, what the auto industry needs is a seamless, effortless, hyper-personalized customer experience, and integration between tech solutions is one step toward achieving that goal. When you pair your service drive write-up tools with your tire inspection equipment with your dealer-branded mobile app with your appointments system, all the pieces come together as a central control hub that sets a whole new standard for both your customers and your business.

As more and more tech tools with valuable features enter the market, the ability to bring all these pieces together is vital. Don’t settle for endless screens when you can have everything in one place. 


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