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Posted by Hilary Biggart Thursday, June 16, 2016

Most service shops today perform maintenance and repairs on every model and make of vehicle. Regardless of the OEM name on your dealership, your service center likely accepts every vehicle on the road.

An all-makes/models strategy is important to remain competitive. But how does your tech team keep up with the specifications and exact repair processes for so many different types of vehicles? Especially as cars and trucks have become more complex, with computer systems working alongside traditional auto parts, techs understandably struggle to remember exact methods.

Considering the tech shortage the entire industry has to deal with, you can’t expect every member of your tech team to be a genius with decades of experience and limitless expertise. But using appropriate technology tools, you can give them the resources they need to act like one.

Implement access to a comprehensive database.

Look for a service that offers techs access to a comprehensive database of maintenance and repair specifications and information. The system should be web-based and easily accessible through a simple login. With just a search, your techs should be able to find exact information for any question they have, whether it’s precise fluid levels or how to make a repair.

Speed up the inspection process.

The same database your techs use for repair information should also help them identify potential repairs before they even look at the vehicle. A data-driven system will identify the most common maintenance and repair items for specific makes and models of vehicles. This kind of information directs your tech’s attention to the right places, generates ASRs for your shop, and enables thorough inspections.

Go beyond the database.

Take your tech’s resource network beyond the searchable database. Choose a system with a hotline that techs can call into to talk to expert technicians. This is not only helpful for younger team members who are still learning, but also expands senior team members’ knowledge and confidence.

You can’t always arrange to have new or junior techs shadow senior techs as they learn the ropes. With a call-in system, your techs will learn faster and gain more accurate information about the repairs they’re making.

Change can be hard, but this one should be easy.

We all know no one likes to accept change or use new systems. Whenever you implement new processes, you’ve undoubtedly seen your team complain or struggle to adjust.

However, this is not some new tool that your team members have to put in extra work to learn how to use. The system you choose should be simple enough that your techs know how to use it when they need it. Rather than an extra burden to bear, the system should function as an invaluable resource your techs wouldn’t want to give up if you asked them to.

Not every tech can be a genius, but with tools like a searchable database for repairs on every make and model and a call-in hotline where your techs can talk to experts, they can get pretty close. Take your team to the top with critical resources that will streamline your inspection processes, support your staff, and work toward happier employees as well as happier customers. 


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