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What Millennials Don’t Know about Auto Maintenance

Posted by Manuel Soto Friday, August 14, 2015

The youngest members of the millennial generation are still very new to the road. They’re just now owning their first cars and taking charge of their own maintenance and repairs.

But while drivers’ education classes cover everything new drivers need to know about operating a vehicle, few if any of these classes cover basic auto maintenance—let alone maintenance needs over an entire vehicle lifecycle.

As such, many millennials enter the driving world woefully unprepared for common auto failures and maintenance requirements. Fortunately for your service department, this presents a unique opportunity to engage new motorists and build loyalty that will last a lifetime.

There are several ways you can include young millennials and other new drivers in your service strategy and set yourself up as their preferred service provider.

Give Educational Clinics

Since the majority of young drivers don’t know how to do the simplest auto maintenance or repair tasks, educational clinics that teach these skills are a great way to bring in new customers. Offer classes through your service shop on how to do things like change a tire, jumpstart a battery, and identify major car components. Classes like these will target young adults and older new drivers alike.

Emphasize Customer Education Strategies

Most millennials come into your service shop with a no-nothing mindset. As such, customer education strategies throughout the service process can go a long way toward gaining new drivers’ loyalty—especially if you deliver information through a mobile platform. Most millennials rely on phones and tablets for daily communication, so make sure your technology is up to the task.

If millennials leave your shop feeling like you taught them something they can use in their regular life, they’ll begin to see you as their partner, not their opponent.

Send Maintenance Reminders

When millennial motorists don’t know the basics of auto maintenance and repair, regular service reminders can prove valuable for both them and your shop. Many new drivers don’t know things like how often to change their oil or what to include in their regular maintenance plan. If your shop can send these reminders through methods like email and text, you’ll have an even better chance of reaching a young audience. 

Partner with Parents

Millennials’ parents tend to stay involved in their children’s lives and finances longer than other generations. This means parents might be included in service plans alongside millennial drivers—even those in their 20’s.

If the parents will be helping to pay for the services you recommend, then all of the above techniques need to apply to them as well. Parents will more readily respond to a shop who educates their son or daughter on how to be a better driver and vehicle owner, along with providing necessary maintenance and repairs.


Take advantage of new driver education opportunities and train millennials on how to best maintain their vehicles. With the right engagement strategies, you can begin building relationships with new motorists from their first vehicle purchase well into the next.


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