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What Stops Service Advisors from Selling

Posted by Manuel Soto Friday, September 04, 2015
No matter how many inspections your technicians complete, your service department can’t profit until your service advisors sell your recommendations. As cars now run longer than they used to, the majority of cars currently on the road need repairs, so it’s a win-win situation for motorists to get crucial services that will keep their cars running, and for your shop to get their business.In such a mutually beneficial situation, you’d think making sales would be easy. But oftentimes, your own experience proves it’s not that simple. Fortunately, the solution is usually easy to implement. If your service advisors aren’t performing as well as they could be, something is probably standing in their way. Most service advisors face a few major problems when it comes to selling services.Hectic Work EnvironmentsService shops run as complex machines with a network of different employees performing different jobs. If your service advisors have to constantly check in with technicians on where certain vehicles are in the service process, of if they receive inconsistent or unclear inspection results, they can’t effectively present information to the motorist. This means fewer sales.Give your service department an effective communication system and use consistent digital multipoint inspection tools to deliver results.Motorists’ BudgetsSometimes, even if your service advisor delivers a flawless explanation and the motorist knows they need certain services, they just can’t afford them. Service advisors have to struggle to work around costs and budgets every day. And motorists often decline services because they think they’re too expensive.Provide your customers with financial options to pay for necessary services. Things like service-specific credit cards with deferred interest rates can help your customers pay for the services they need most.Anticipated RejectionsIf a motorist has declined a certain service in the past, some service advisors won’t present it again. They figure if the motorist declined the service before, they won’t want it now. However, this mindset can be damaging for both motorist relationships and vehicles.Motorists often remember previously-deferred services, and if they don’t hear those repairs are still necessary, they might think your shop delivers inconsistent results. Your advisors might also be skipping over a service the motorist legitimately needs, which means you could end up with a severely damaged vehicle and an unhappy motorist in your shop later on.Educate your service advisors on how and when to present previously-deferred services.Weak Motorist RelationshipsMotorist relationships are key to loyalty, trust, and credibility. If motorists don’t trust your shop, they’ll be much less likely to trust your service advisors when they recommend a particular service. If you can build strong motorist relationships through superior customer service, consistent inspection results, and effective customer education that makes your motorists feel empowered, then your service advisors will have a much easier time selling. With the right strategies, your service advisors can build an optimal shop environment that promotes effective sales. Use this information to work around common roadblocks and help your service advisors reach their potential.

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