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What Your Techs Hate Most about Their Jobs

Posted by Manuel Soto Tuesday, June 16, 2015

You rely on your technicians to perform thorough inspections and make reliable repairs. Your fixed operations can’t run without them, so it’s a necessity for you to retain quality employees. However, even your best technicians will leave if they’re unhappy. What can you do to keep all your techs in the bay?

Most technicians have four common complaints about their work. If you can solve these problems in your dealership, you’ll pave the way for efficient service, increased customer satisfaction, and happy long-term employees.

Lack of Consistency

As new techs gain experience, they develop a personal system for inspections and repairs. Everyone will have a set mental checklist, or a different way of navigating the prescribed procedure. However, this lack of consistency among your staff can lead to frustration. Some techs might find themselves constantly covering for others’ mistakes, or having to deal with frustrated customers because they missed an obvious problem the first time around.

Tedious Processes

How many times during the day do your techs need a kit or part and have to spend 15 minutes waiting in a line at the parts counter? Whenever your tech has to leave their bay, they lose money for themselves and productivity for you. Techs also have to face interruptions from other team members, such as service advisors who need to know what’s going on with a customer’s car.

All these processes can seem tedious and time-consuming. Your techs make their living fixing cars. Why should they waste time standing in lines and answering to every advisor on the lot?

Misinformed Customers

When customers understand what’s going on with their cars, they’re more likely to approve the service advisor’s suggestions and get your techs to work. However, many customers glean their information from untrustworthy websites or uneducated family and friends. If the service advisor can’t properly inform these customers, your techs have to sit around and wait for work they may or may not get. Or, perform fewer repairs than they think the car really needs.

Repairs on Badly-done Work

How often does your service department get blamed for the consequences of some other mechanic’s poorly-done work? It’s annoying for techs to have redo work some other shop did badly.


Fortunately, for all the things your techs hate most, there’s the AutoPoint platform. When your techs follow a predetermined inspection checklist and have seamless communication with all the people in your service department, they benefit from consistent work and effective processes. Learn more about how you can unite your tech team and retain the employees you rely on most. Request a demo today!


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