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Why Your Shop Should Ditch Paper and Go Digital

Posted by Manuel Soto Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Paper has been disappearing for the last decade. With the invention of the smartphone, everything you used to write down, you now enter on a screen. And it’s not only people who have been putting away the paper—businesses have too.

However, the auto service industry has been somewhat left behind in this digital storm. Where many businesses now email receipts or display information through apps, service departments still walk around with clipboards and give customers inspection results handwritten on paper.

If service providers would ditch the paper and embrace the digital revolution, their shops would see huge benefits. So if your service department is still holding on to those clipboards, take a moment to consider why those paper printouts don’t support your  business and what a digital transformation could do for you.

The Disadvantages of Paper

Even if you recognize that paper has gone out of vogue, you might feel inclined to keep using it anyway. After all, it’s cheap and you’ve always done it that way. So what damage are paper inspection lists, reports, and service histories really doing?

Paper inspection, reporting, and record systems tend to be difficult to keep track of. And if your staff has to wrangle clipboards or search for paper files, it erodes the sleek, organized image you present to your customers.

If your goal is to impress and retain customers, then you need a better system than oil-covered paper checklists and messy filing cabinets.

The Digital Inspection Trend

The first step away from paper systems came with digital inspection tools. Suddenly techs didn’t have to carry messy paper checklists and pass around paper reports. A computerized inspection process led to more consistent inspections and recommendations alongside better communication tools. Paper began to look a little restricted.

However, computerized inspections are only one piece of the digital puzzle. Other tools are coming down the line that can make or break the motorist experience your shop provides, as well as run your shop productivity.

A Digital Revolution

Your service advisors probably still present motorists with paper inspection summaries and have them sign on paper for service approvals. However, web-based apps can do a better job of empowering your motorists to make informed decisions, and you can get instant approval with just a tap of their finger.

Digital tools will also enable you to do a better job of greeting your motorists and making them feel at home from the moment they arrive in your shop. Paper would prove much more difficult to organize into a personalized greeting experience. 

The Advantages of Digital

Although the transition seems difficult at times, if your shop can implement digital tools early and stay ahead of the curve, you’ll have a big head start on the competition. Your shop will run more productively and you will better engage and retain your motorists.


Digital will take over whether you’re ready or not. Embrace the change now and start to see your service shop reap the benefits. Ditch those paper processes and see what the digital world has to offer.


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