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AutoPoint directs traffic at Audi Beverly Hills.

Posted by Manuel Soto Saturday, October 10, 2015
Audi Beverly Hills has a proud history of delivering the kind of service their customers would expect from a five-star hotel. In fact, their customers aren’t even customers—they’re guests. That mentality extends far beyond the sales floor and into the service shop, where you can expect the best from every interaction with Audi Beverly Hills’ service team. Dedicated though they are to providing the best service in the industry, Audi Beverly Hills does face some challenges. Namely, parking challenges. Due to extremely limited parking space, the service center uses three different parking garages to move vehicles through the service process. Three parking garages and a lot of car shuffling could easily lead to confusion and wasted time—neither of which lead to good experiences for Audi Beverly Hills’ guests. Fortunately, Audi Beverly Hills has AutoPoint on their side. MultiPoint flags guide work. Audi Beverly Hills uses AutoPoint’s MultiPoint electronic inspection software, and has for about 11 months. “It’s a much better way for us to communicate,” says Chris Spartalis, Service Manager at the dealership. The service shop uses MultiPoint for its consistent inspections and professional customer reports, but the flag feature has been especially useful in helping them manage their parking situation. Staff members can easily mark vehicles within the system so everyone else on the team knows exactly where they are. MultiPoint’s flag process has saved time and increased efficiency for Audi Beverly Hills, enabling them to raise their eligible customer pay repair order count 50% over the last six months. “It’s the most comprehensive inspection software I’ve seen on the market,” Spartalis says. “It’s really versatile and it’s customizable, so I really like that.” AutoPoint customer reports encourage upsells. Efficiency isn’t the only thing that’s gotten a boost at Audi Beverly Hills. Customers seem to appreciate the professional, high-quality Action Plans and Know Your Vehicle reports MultiPoint produces—and the numbers show it. Audi Beverly Hills has increased their same-visit service upsell dollars 6% in the last six months. What helped lead to the increase? “Communication, good consistent inspections, and there’s just quite a bit of information that you can get out of the system,” Spartalis says. Looks like Audi Beverly Hills has good reason to keep AutoPoint around for a long time yet to come.

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