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Better Use of the Knowledge Bundle Volume 2: Estimate Detail Report

Posted by Manuel Soto Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hello again AutoPoint partners!! It’s Charles Snyder again with another set of tips for leveraging your Knowledge Bundle reporting into improved performance by your entire service team. Today I’ll be discussing the “Estimate Detail by SA” report that is found in your Daily Knowledge Bundle, and how you can take this data and turn it into dollars.

When you first click on your “Estimate Detail by SA” report in your Knowledge Bundle, you’ll first see a group of pie graphs that show your department’s grand totals, and then the graphs are broken down by service advisors. The pie graphs measure four metrics regarding your department’s upsell recommendations. It shows the number of “approved” and “declined” recommendations which is pretty obvious, but it also shows “not recorded” and “not recommended” recommendations. What are these recommendations you ask? Let me explain these in a bit of detail, and show you how important they are to measure.

When a recommendation is reported as a “not recorded” recommendation, your advisor has forgotten to record a client “approve or deferred” decision in MultiPoint. This creates an inaccurate Know Your Vehicle report, as the recommendations do not have an updated status on them when you present the report to your clients. If you are using our Retention Point declined service follow-up program, or another program that extracts deferred recommendations from MultiPoint, “not recorded” recommendations do not populate onto these reports. This is why it’s so important to review your daily “advisor LBD” reports to ensure your advisors are taking this step every time with every client.

When a recommendation is reported as “not recommended”, then the item(s) has been unchecked from the Estimate screen in MultiPoint. This can happen for a couple different reasons, with one being that the advisor may think that this particular recommendation might create too high of a price for them to sell the job, so they remove it from the pricing section. The caveat to this is that the recommendation information still shows up in the inspection details on the Action Plan, and a client can view the information even though it’s not in the pricing section. Sometimes advisors uncheck the recommendations if they are duplicates from previously completed or recommendation items, which can be prevented by having the advisors or technicians review client histories in the DMS before making recommendations. A few of these types of recommendations will occur during the course of a month, but if you see a high number by an advisor(s), then it’s time to inquire to why they are doing this with such consistency.

Underneath of the recommendation summaries, you’ll see a drilldown report that will give you your month-to-date recommendation sales success for particular recommendations filtered by each service advisor. This allows you to view your advisor’s proficiency at selling particular recommendations, and gives you the ability to identify certain recommendations that advisors may be struggling with to sell their clients. This can be invaluable as you develop solid word tracks for your advisors to present to their clients that will help to improve their upsell dollars moving forward.

I hope this overview of the Estimate Detail report helps you understand it better, and helps you identify opportunity areas where you can coach your service advisors to improve their overall upsell dollars moving forward.


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