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Better use of the Knowledge Bundle Volume 3 -- Technician Recommendations Report

Posted by Manuel Soto Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Hello again AutoPoint partners!! It’s Charles Snyder again with another set of tips for leveraging your Knowledge Bundle reporting into improved performance by your entire service team. Today I’ll be discussing the Technician Recs/MTD report that is found in your Daily Knowledge Bundle, and how you can take this data and turn it into dollars.

We all know that the key to improving your same-day upsell dollars is to increase your technician inspection recommendation output. Improving the output is not about increasing time and mileage-based recommendations, it’s about finding quality wear and tear recommendations that have the most value to your clients. Once you have your technicians focused on finding the right types of recommendations, how do you monitor their progress? That’s where the Technician Recs/MTD helps to offer that solution.

This report offers you a Month-to-Date snapshot at the top 25 recommendations generated by your technicians, and also a breakdown of total recommendations in 10 most common component groups. Both sets of lists will show the number of times the recommendations were generated, and the percentage of your inspections that this recommendation appeared on in MultiPoint. If you look at your report halfway through the month, and your top 15 recommendations are all time and mileage-based flushes and services, this is usually indicative of a recommendation quality issue. Just to the right of this information, you will find the closing success rates for the service advisors for each recommendation. This can be helpful if you’re trying to spot areas where you feel that your closing rate should be higher for a particular recommendation. For example, if you see that you are halfway through a month and you’re only closing 10% of your front brake recommendations when in months past you’ve closed at 30%, you can get feedback from your advisors on objection reasons. Maybe the recommendation is priced too high, maybe clients say they don’t have time, or it could be a coaching opportunity to help the advisor improve his word track when presenting the recommendation. This report gives you the vision to be able to spot these areas, and be able to act on them before your month is already in the books.

If you need a deeper drilldown to service advisor recommendation closing statistics, you can refer to your Estimate Detail by SA/MTD in your Knowledge Bundle that I discussed last month. If you would like a deeper drilldown of your technician recommendations that breaks the recommendations down by technician, just ask your coach or consultant to pull the report and send it to you.

I hope this overview of the Technician Recs/MTD reports helps you to understand it better, and it will help you to keep your team focused on recommendations that your clients value and that will generate additional labor hours for you and your team.


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