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Downtown LA Mercedes-Benz Keeps It Together with AutoPoint’s MultiPoint

Posted by Manuel Soto Monday, September 14, 2015
Downtown LA Mercedes-Benz occupies the heart of downtown Los Angeles—and has since 1970. After over four decades in the city, they decided their old building could use an update. The dealership launched an ambitious $35 million+ construction project that would replace their long-time location with a stunning new structure and state-of-the-art facilities, including a brand new service center with 70 bays and busy technicians. Once finished, Downtown LA’s new facility would represent a fresh face for the flagship dealer of the Downtown LA Motors Group. But before they could enjoy their new digs, they had to make it through a long and hectic construction period where their staff was divided into multiple buildings. A Service Staff Divided During the construction, technicians were housed in two separate buildings, with the parts counter in a different building from the techs. The service advisors worked out of temporary trailers a block and a half away from the techs, and the dispatcher was separate from the advisors. You’d think such a setup would wreak havoc on Downtown LA’s productivity, efficiency, and subsequently, revenue. But Downtown LA had a secret weapon on their side: AutoPoint’s MultiPoint solution. MultiPoint to the Rescue Despite their separation, Downtown LA’s service staff never missed a beat during the renovation. The reason? MultiPoint. Downtown LA has had AutoPoint’s MultiPoint system on board for about six years. “There’s just so many things that it does,” says Neal Goldman, Fixed Operations Director at Downtown LA. “It gives us reporting on what the technicians are recommending, what the advisors are selling. It’s an incredibly robust system with very pertinent information that allows a service manager to analyze the performance of his shop.” Among those many things, MultiPoint’s communication tools are undoubtedly what kept Downtown LA’s service staff up to speed through the storm. They relied exclusively on MultiPoint’s shop flags to communicate with each other, since the alternative was walking long distances just to say a simple sentence, or waiting in long lines at the temporary parts counter. MultiPoint’s ease of communication enabled Downtown LA to continue service through the renovation—all without affecting incoming service dollars. Despite the hectic environment, the dealer’s RO traffic never decreased. The Bar Has Been Set MultiPoint has worked for more than just the staff at Downtown LA. The dealer’s motorists have benefitted from the easy-to-understand Action Plans MultiPoint provides. These reports clearly explain inspection results and place service recommendations alongside informative articles. “They expect it now,” Goldman said of his customers and the reports. “It provides an intelligible report to the client in a format that looks professional that they can read, as opposed to what most auto places use from DMS systems.” Downtown LA has seen such success with MultiPoint and customer reports, through construction and beyond, that they’ve decided to take it up a level: the dealer recently signed up for AutoPoint’s OwnerCare so they can deliver inspection reports via a customer-facing app that records electronic approvals. And those informative articles? OwnerCare backs them up with videos, as well as photos of the motorist’s actual vehicle. Downtown LA’s customers will soon come to expect no less. Welcome to the New Standard In the six years since they implemented MultiPoint, Downtown LA has come to rely on the system for efficiency, communication, and reporting. And during the construction of their new facility, Downtown LA wouldn’t have maintained such consistent RO traffic without MultiPoint’s help. Customers have come to expect the level of service MultiPoint enables Downtown LA to provide. And through the chaos of their ambitious renovation, MultiPoint allowed Downtown LA’s service staff to maintain the same high standard they’re known for—despite the jumbled environment. “It’s a great product,” Goldman says. And now in their beautiful new facility, Downtown LA’s service staff will continue to raise the bar.

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