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EDGE Copy & Paste - Quick Start Card

Posted by Manuel Soto Friday, May 17, 2013


AcceleratorDownload[/responsive]The EDGE Copy and Paste tool can be downloaded by going to helpdesk.autopoint.com, and clicking on Resources on the tool bar that appears at the top of the website.

  1. Under the Resources page dropdown, click on "Add-Ons” in the sub-navigation menu.
  2. Click "Download” under the EDGE Copy and Paste Tool Icon.
  3. Once installed and running, the application appears in the system tray.

Application Setup


  1. Right click the application icon in the system tray and go to the Settings page.
  2. Note: If this is the first time the tool is being run, the settings window will open automatically. When finished, select the "Close” button to close the settings window.

Adding Applications to Copy From

  1. In the "Applications to Copy From” section, enter an application name and click "Add to List”.
  2. Note: The application name you enter is displayed in the title bar of the application window (for example, if you want to copy from Notepad, enter "Notepad” in the Applications box). Repeat the above steps for any other applications you wish to copy from. 

Selecting the Active Script

  1. In the Active Script section, you can choose:
    • No Active Script, which means that no script will be applied to the captured text.
    • Use MPI Script, which means a default MPi-created script will be applied to the captured text. (This is the recommended method). 

Using the Application Context Menu To Select an Active Script


  1. Right click the system tray icon.
    • You can select the active script (this is the script to be applied during the copy operation) by using the pullout menu. There are default MPi Scripts as well as scripts you create on your own.
    • Select an active script and it will be active until you go back and select Not Active Script (this disables the script). 

To Copy From an Application

  1. The EDGE Shop Notes window needs to be open on the appropriate RO.
  2. Right click the system tray icon to bring up the context menu.
  3. Select an application from the Applications to Cut/Paste section of the context menu.
    • Note: The active window will be shown in bold text.
  4. The application will copy text from the window of the selected process into the Windows clipboard.
  5. The context menu will show a check mark next to the last active window before the context menu was selected.
    • [responsive]
      ECPT[/responsive]This helps to identify it if there are multiple windows with the same name (which is often the case when multiple DMS windows are open for example).
    • The text will be modified according to the active script before being placed in the clipboard.
  6. If the Shop Notes window is open then the paste operation will occur automatically.
  7. If the Shop Notes is not open the parts list will be saved to your window clipboard. You can then open a Shop Note and paste the parts list into it using CTRL-V or right mouse click on the shop notes and select paste.
  8. If a problem occurred simply rerun script with Shop Notes open this time.
  9. To run the last active script or application copy operation, double click the system tray icon to execute.

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