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EDGE Report Center Update, January 2014

Posted by Manuel Soto Saturday, January 11, 2014


In our continuing effort to provide quality data for Dealership Management to utilize in the ongoing management of their team members in the proper use of the MPi EDGE WorldClass product suite, we have created a new set of reports and modified others.  The updated functionality is available to all users who have access to the EDGE Report Center (ERC), which is Managers only by default but can be extended to other user roles via Admin Options.

Shop Flags are a key component of the EDGE ConnectTM accelerator and are used to “Route” a Repair Order through the shop following Dealership defined processes.  The EDGE Report Center (ERC) now contains a new report called the “Shop Flags Analysis” report which allows you to see both individual times and overall averages of how long repair orders were in any given status.  The different views of the report allow you to see trends and identify how well your staff is following your processes.   This report is both available within EDGE (via the ERC) and email subscriptions (setup by your Coach or Consultant).

Lastly, with the recent introduction of the new WorldClass Dashboard, the need to maintain the old Bronze, Silver, Gold and WorldClass threshold levels throughout the report suite are no longer needed. With this update, have removed report columns which were dedicated to that purpose and the cell color background which indicated the metrics levels.

New Report Details

The Shop Flags Analysis report is accessed within the EDGE Report Center via the Shop Reports button and is within the Advanced WCI section.  There are 4 pages to the report which help you see how each user role uses the Shop Flags.  The four pages/views are:

  • Advisor then Shop Flag (Default)
  • Shop Flag then Advisor
  • Tech then Shop Flag
  • Shop Flag then Tech


Figure 1 – Shop Flags Analysis displaying “Advisor then Shop Flag”.

Extra care has been given to ensure the Shop Flags Analysis report exports into Microsoft Excel, which how it is received when obtained via an email subscription.  Each of the 4 pages is available as separate tabs and the report sections are expandable and collapsible.  This makes working with the report much easier and efficient.  It can manually retrieve it as an Excel file from the ERC by selecting Excel from the “Select a format” drop menu and clicking the Export button.


Figure 2 – Shop Flags Analysis exported to MS Excel.

Modified Report Details

Columns which were dedicated to the old WCI levels have been removed from all reports where they existed along with the cell background color which indicated the level which had been achieved (Bronze, Silver, Gold and WorldClass).

Removed Columns:

  • EDGE Usage Index
  • Overall WCI Level
  • Entire WCI Process Used %
  • Parts & Labor Sales Money Left on the Table
    • Bronze
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • WorldClass

Affected reports:

  • Advanced WCI  |  History
  • Advanced WCI  |  Advisor
  • Advanced WCI  |  Tech
  • Advanced WCI Teams  |  Tech
  • Advanced WCI
  • Dealer Group Performance
  • Dealer Group Portal Report
  • EDGE Mobile OTD  |  History
  • EDGE Mobile OTD
  • EDGE WorldClass Knowledge  |  Certification
  • EDGE WorldClass Knowledge Bundle
  • Advisor Graph  |  EDGE Score
  • WCI  |  History
  • WCI  |  Advisor |  History
  • WCI  |  Advisor (Expanded)
  • WCI  |  Advisor
  • WCI


Figure 3 – Past and Present report example


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