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Force Field Analysis Worksheet

Posted by Manuel Soto Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Force Field Analysis worksheet is used to introduce the value of change.  A manager can use this worksheet to help service staff to discover the value of implementing new tools, processes and habits.

When the service personnel are allowed to weigh the expected changes against both the pros and cons associated with that same change they will come to their own conclusions that the change is not only beneficial but easier done than originally perceived.


  1. Have staff members document each proposed change in the middle section of the worksheet.
    • For example.  “Use the computer to document inspection results”
    • Consider having each department complete this exercise separate from other departments as each will have a unique list of proposed changes to their specific department and processes.
  2. Invite the participants to list, in the red section of the worksheet, the reasons why the changes should NOT be implemented.
    • A relative weight can be assigned to each reason indicating importance.
    • 5 being of great importance or hindrance and 0 indicating of little or no hindrance.
  3. Invite the participants to list, in the green section of the worksheet, the reasons why the changes are necessary.
    • Focus on the benefits to customers, the dealership and the group of employees that are completing the exercise.
    • Consider coaching them with items that they may not think of.
    • A relative weight can be applied to the pros of change.
  4. As a group determine if the reasons for change outweigh the reasons to not change.
  5. Commit the employees to focus on the benefits of change as they work through the frustrations that seem to accompany any significant change in processes.


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