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Getting Smart About Quality Recommendations

Posted by Manuel Soto Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Getting Smart About Quality Recommendations

GettingSmart[/responsive]“Peace of mind…” We hear this a lot don’t we? In our market, it’s usually centered around making sure our customer vehicles are safe and secure on the roads. This is always important. But wouldn’t you like to also have “peace of mind” when it comes to making sure your service team is doing everything they can to find all the legitimate service and repairs that keep your customers driving well maintained vehicles? A happy customer is a constant customer… right?!

So, how can you ensure that your technicians are thoroughly inspecting and providing quality recommendations? Furthermore, how can you be confident that your technicians aren’t overlooking valuable repair work due to inconsistent vehicle inspections; and that your more junior technicians are performing at higher standards?

SmartTech[/responsive]EDGE SmartTech
, is one of the most powerful technician-oriented features in EDGE. SmartTech provides your technicians valuable information that expedites the inspection process and ensures they are finding all legitimate service repairs on each vehicle. MPi’s unique data is pulled from over 32 million inspections created by technicians using EDGE across North America. During May’s coaching call the MPi Coaching team will be sharing a short SmartTech video that highlights the benefits this accelerator brings to your service team. This is an easy way to refresh yourself with this added value EDGE offers.

With customers owning their vehicles for an average of 11 years and driving them roughly 15K miles each year*, you need to capture every opportunity to service these vehicles while they are in the bay. SmartTech supports your technicians by:

  • Directing them to the most common part failures and inspection recommendations based on year, make, model, and odometer reading
  • Ensuring your technicians are not overlooking valuable maintenance and repair opportunities
  • Quickly identifying areas of the vehicle that should be inspected carefully
  • Helping less-experienced technicians get up to speed on any vehicle using data pulled from technicians' experiences throughout North America.

By empowering your technicians with this knowledge, your service department will benefit from:

  • Increased opportunities to pursue cross-brand service
  • Ensuring your customers receive more accurate and thorough inspections
  • Increasing revenue opportunities in your EDGE WorldClass vehicle inspections

If you have SmartTech as one of the EDGE accelerators, GREAT! Make sure your team is using this helpful feature to the best of its ability. If you don’t have SmartTech and are interested in learning more, contact your MPi Consultant or Coach. Our seasoned consulting professionals can help you either refine your service team’s processes or help you better understand the value SmartTech can bring to your service department.

*R.L. Polk & Co


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