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Inspections with Zero Recommendations Report

Posted by Manuel Soto Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hello AutoPoint partners! My name is Charles Snyder, and I’ve worked with the MultiPoint process as a service advisor, service manager, and a coach for eight years now. On a daily basis, we send you each a daily Knowledge Bundle that contains 14 reports that are packed with information about your service department’s performance. Most service managers don’t have nearly enough time to view each report every day, so most of you want to know which ones should be reviewed regularly and what you should do with the reports. In this series of articles, I will share best practices for interpreting each report, and how you can use the data in the reports to identify improvement opportunities in your shop.


One of the main areas our partners look to improve upon by using the MultiPoint process is improving inspection recommendation output. The more recommendations your technicians generate, the more upsell dollars get presented which leads to greater profits for your department. All shops especially want to complete inspections on higher mileage vehicles, as they obviously yield higher hour-generating repairs. But how do you know if your technicians are making recommendations on all of those mature vehicles?


You’ll find a report in your daily Knowledge Bundle called the “Inspections with Zero Recommendation Report”. Here you will find a list of all the prior day’s inspections that produced no recommendations. The list is organized by technician, and includes the repair order number and the mileage on that vehicle. You’ll notice that some of the mileages listed are highlighted, which is designed to draw your eye to the high mileage vehicles that we are seeking. Vehicles that have between 50,000 and 89,999 miles will be highlighted in yellow, while vehicles that have in excess of 90,000 miles will be highlighted in red. If you’re seeing multiple highlighted repair orders all inspected by the same technician, then it gives you an opportunity to coach your technician to improve his focus on recommendation output.


You can also manage your zero recommendation inspections in real time by using our Notifier feature in MultiPoint. This allows you to be notified whenever a vehicle inspection is completed with zero recommendations at a mileage threshold that you customize. Once the inspection is completed, you are notified by either SMS or email within minutes. It allows you or your shop foreman to go verify with the inspecting technician that there are actually no legitimate recommendations on that vehicle. This helps to generate more same-day recommendations, and also helps your lesser experienced technicians become more proficient at inspecting vehicles which leads to greater recommendation output.


If your store isn’t already using Notifier, there is a small additional fee for the service. If you’re serious about cutting down on those zero recommendation inspections, talk to your AutoPoint coach or consultant about launching this great tool!


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