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Posted by Manuel Soto Thursday, March 26, 2015

For many consumers, taking a vehicle in for service is not an experience they look forward to. It is also a highly competitive industry with many choices as to where they can service that vehicle. As such, it is important to ensure that your service department does all that it can to improve the customer experience so as to stand out from the competition in the eyes of each customer. This is where Auto Arrival, from our newly acquired Service Dynamics, can help.

Auto Arrival takes the customer experience to a whole new level through the use of the very latest in RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to identify each customer as they arrive. As the customer enters the service drive, they’re greeted by a welcome message on a flat screen TV with their name, vehicle, appointment time, transportation type and a picture of their advisor. Now when a customer steps out of their vehicle, no longer are they another anonymous face in the crowd -- the greeter or service advisor is able to welcome them by name. In addition, details of their visit are automatically sent to the salesperson who sold them the vehicle. They can then go to the service drive, personally welcome the customer, visit with them and continue the relationship -- creating more sales opportunities.

Auto Arrival can further help on the sales side. During delivery, while the salesperson is explaining the controls, Auto Arrival can display a personalized thank you message from the general manager on a flat screen TV (requires a designated indoor delivery area). These personal messages can add the finishing touch to a great buying experience. In addition, Auto Arrival can schedule the customer’s first VIN-specific service appointment, and send a confirmation e-mail to the customer as well as an interactive reminder several weeks prior to the appointment. Wouldn’t it be great to have the first appointment set 100% of the time?

A small RFID sticker is placed on the back of the rearview mirror of each vehicle. This sticker allows scanners within the dealership to identify vehicles by VIN as they approach the service drive or delivery area. Scan points can be placed anywhere in your dealership. One example would be to add a scan point to your car wash. By doing so, once the customer’s vehicle approaches or exits the wash (depending on where the scan point is installed), Auto Arrival can then notify either the service advisor, or the customer, that the vehicle is almost finished.

Auto Arrival improves the customer experience while working behind the scenes to create a more efficient – and profitable – process within your dealership. It can be set up for trigger events, such as multiple vehicles pulling into the service drive at the same time, and issue an “all hands on deck” message to advisors and managers.

Auto Arrival can also be combined with Shop Watch to make your processes more efficient, improve your customer’s experience and offer more opportunities to engage, build loyalty and retain customers.


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