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Service Advisor Quick Start Card - MultiPoint v3.19

Posted by Manuel Soto Tuesday, March 04, 2014


This informative reference tool is a quick guide for the Service Advisor features of the AutoPoint software. Complete instructions are available by accessing the help files in AutoPoint. Tutorials and exercises are available by accessing web based training at http://www.autopoint.com

This tool is designed to help Service Advisors be more effective. The topics covered in this reference guide are:

  • Using the SA RO List
  • Working with estimates
  • Customer reports
  • User preferences

Service Advisor RO List

The Service Advisor (SA) RO List gives you the ability to manage the progress of individual repair orders and to see the status of vehicles in the inspection process. MultiPoint and OnPoint provide tools that help you organize the RO List: column sorting options, the list filter (find box), and the status column.


Sort Options

Click on the header of a column to sort your RO list according to the heading subject. You can sort any column in ascending (A to Z, 0 to 9) or descending (Z to A, 9 to 0) order. You activate the sort function, by clicking on the column header you would like to sort. Clicking that column again changes the order from ascending to descending.

[box style="1"]TIP: Whenever you sort by a column other than RO number, the ROs within each grouping will be sorted in descending order.[/box]

Find Box

[responsive]find_box[/responsive]The List Filter or Find Box allows you to narrow the RO list according to the information you type. This allows you to quickly locate a Repair Orders based on any criteria showing on the SA RO List.  Activate the Find Box by typing the text that you are searching for in the find box, located in the upper right corner. Clear the contents of the find by clicking the clear_icon in the Find Box.

[box style="1"]TIP: To view only your ROs, check the box next to Show only my ROs in the top left corner of the RO list.[/box]

[box style="1"]TIP: Whenever you sort by a column other than the RO number, the ROs within each grouping will be sorted in descending order.[/box]

RO List Column Chooser

[responsive]ColumnChooser[/responsive]Each user can customize which columns show on the SA RO List and the order that they on the list.  This allows users to see only the information that they feel is important while reducing clutter on their RO List.

Removing a column

  1.  Move your mouse over the column that you would eliminate.
  2. Click and hold on the column header and drag it towards the center of the RO List.
  3. When you see a black X appear release the mouse.  This column is now removed.

Moving a column

  1.  Move your mouse over the column that you would like to move.
  2. Click and hold on the column header and drag it to its desired position across the RO List.
  3. You will see black border indicating where the column will appear.
  4. Release the mouse button when the column is in the desired position.

 Adding a column

  1. Right-click on any column header.
  2. Select “Column Chooser” from the drop down menu.
  3. Click and hold the desired column header and drag it from the list to its desired position.

Resetting columns to default view

  1.  Right-click on any column header.
  2. Select the option to “Reset Columns” from the drop down menu.
  3. This will return your RO List to its default appearance.

[box style="1"]TIP: Use Shop Flag and Description 1. This will display the color, icon, and description for Shop Flag 1. This can be very helpful for new users of the SA RO List.[/box]

[box style="1"]TIP: The Name column can be very useful in tracking who actually has a repair order. Additionally, the Name column causes ROs to show up on the RO List of that user (even if not assigned to them in the DMS).[/box]

Status Column

The first few columns of the SA RO List help you see the status of inspections for each RO.  The following is the list of icons that appear in the status column and what those icons mean:

recs_iconsROs with a completed inspection and/or additional recommendations made by a technician.


  no_recs_iconROs with a completed inspection on which the technician did not make any recommendations.


started_iconROs with an inspection that is currently being worked on by the technician.
Note: Should there be more than one inspection package be added to an RO, the status will remain Active until all inspection packages have been marked Pkg Done.

InspReq_iconROs with an inspection but that has not been started by the technician.


no_reqs_iconROs on which no inspection has been requested.


recs_iconROs marked as inactive with a completed inspection on which the technician made at least one recommendation or addressed at least one original customer request.

norecs_check_iconROs marked as inactive with a completed inspection on which the technician did not make any recommendations.


nopkg_iconROs marked as inactive on which no inspection package was added to the RO.


Shop Flags

Shop Flags are intended to track the flow of an RO through the Service Department and increase visibility of where an RO currently sits in the process.  There are three Shop Flag columns on the SA RO List; and the flags available under each column are customizable by shop.

Shop Flag 1: This Shop Flag is used by all departments.  Shop Flag 1 indicates the current status of an RO or the next action that needs to be taken.  This is the only Shop Flag that will change the color of an RO on the RO List.

Shop Flag 2: By default Shop Flag 2 is designed to be set by the Parts Department.  This flag is used to indicate the availability of parts for an RO.

Shop Flag 3: This Shop Flag is typically used by service advisors.  The most common uses for this flag include indicating Waiter status, promise time for vehicle pickup, and keeping track of assigned loaner vehicles.

Shop Notes

[responsive]shop_notes[/responsive]Shop Notes is a feature designed to allow internal communication regarding specific repair orders.  The button is located on the main toolbar in Tech View, On the SA RO List, and on the Inspection.

The Shop Notes will never appear on any of the customer reports.  Because of this Shop Notes can be used for many different thing including parts and availability details, general communications, and specific questions and answers between staff members. Once a Shop Note has been saved it can never be edited nor deleted and will remain with that RO in MultiPoint indefinitely.

There are several shortcut buttons located at the bottom of Shop Notes to make them as easy to use as possible.

Print: This button will print all of the Shop Notes saved for this RO.  When printed the RO number will be located at the top of the Shop Notes

Request: This button will input a customizable template right into the Shop Notes.  This feature is most commonly used by technicians for submitting parts requests.  The button is completely customizable so it has the potential for other uses as well.

Recs: The Recs button will paste a list of all the recommendations that have been made on this particular RO.  This includes inspection recommendations, recommendation made using the Ad-Rec button and the cause/correction for any Original Customer Requests that have been entered into the EDGE software.  This does not include Previous Declined Recommendations.

Shop Notes Column on the SA RO List

The SA RO List includes a for the Shop Notes icon.  If a Shop Note has been saved for the RO you will see the Shop Notes icon shop_notes_icon.  If no Shop Notes have been saved this column will be blank (no icon).  There is an alternate Shop Notes column available in the Column Chooser.  The Shop Notes (time elapsed) column will not only show the Shop Notes icon – but will also show how long it has been since the Shop Notes were updated.


The estimate gives a service advisor single point from which to generate pricing for recommendations made on customer’s vehicles.  The estimate shows all recommendations made by technician(s) and all recommendations that have been deferred by the customer in previous visits.

It also is the building block to create the Action Plan and the Know Your Vehicle reports.


 Estimate Sections

When the technician and parts advisor have completed their functions with the estimate Shop Flag 1 will be set to Ready for Service Advisor.  This alerts the service advisor that the estimate is ready for final pricing. To open the estimate, double-click on the appropriate RO from the SA RO List. The estimate is divided into several groups:

Customer Approved Services: The original RO line as written on the DMS RO.  Adjacent to the RO lines are any recommended repairs with respect to the original line.

Recommendations: Recommendations that were made in the inspection AND Add Rec recommendations made by the technician or advisor outside of the inspection.

Previously Deferred Recommendations: Any recommendation that has not been approved on previous estimates for the same vehicle will appear in this section.

[box style="1"]TIP: Technicians and service advisors can add any recommendation to an RO at any time by clicking the Add Rec button on the toolbar. These additional recommendations are presented to the service advisor in the Recommendations section of the estimate.[/box]

Pricing Columns

Enter the pricing information on to the estimate. If the technician or parts advisor has already entered prices for either labor time or parts pricing, those prices will already be present in their respective columns.

[box style="1"]TIP: Click the drop down arrow next to the pricing box to bring up the last ten prices entered for that recommendation.[/box]

Pricing and Approval Meter

To assist advisors in the completing the estimate a meter is provided in the top right hand corner indicating the status of  recommendation pricing and approval/declination of recommendations. When all necessary information is present the light will turn green; if information is missing the light will remain red.

Pricing Light: The pricing light turns from red to green when every recommendation has a price; specifically, the Original Customer Requested Services, Recommendations, and Previously Deferred Recommendations.  Only the TOTAL column requires a price because that is all the customer will see (Parts, Labor Time, and Labor are optional).

 Approval Light: The approval light turns from red to green when every recommendation is marked either approved or declined; specifically, the Original Customer Requested Services, Recommendations, and Previously Deferred Recommendations.

 [box style="1"]approval_lightsTIP: Next to your pricing and approval lights there is a small blue link that will say either Hide or Show. This toggles a bright yellow highlight in the areas that still need to be priced or have their approval decision recorded.[/box]

Customer reports

  1. [responsive]language_dropdown[/responsive]Click the AP button to create the Action Plan. The Action Plan can be printed/emailed in English or Spanish. To view the document in Spanish, select Spanish from the drop box at the top of the preview screen. Once you’ve previewed the report, print or email it.
    Note: The Action Plan is used to help customers make informed and educated purchasing decisions. Use it to discuss each recommendations made by technicians.  The pricing light should be green before generating the Action Plan.
  2. As the customer approved and declines recommendations mark each as appropriate on the estimate.  The estimate will calculate the Approved, Declined, and Recommended columns based on which recommendation are Approved or Declined.
    [responsive]approve_decline_buttons[/responsive]Note: To quickly approve or decline the recommendations use the  buttons. This is a great way drop sell from one grand total.
  3. After all work has been completed and the estimate is showing two green lights on the meter print the Know Your Vehicle (KYV) Report by clicking on the KYV button.  This report is also available in Spanish.

    1. The Know Your Vehicle report highlights the recommendations that have approved and declined ion the pricing section of it. The report maintains the pictures and details of the items that were deferred or declined by the customer.
    2. The Spanish versions of the Action Plan and Know Your Vehicle reports will in Spanish with the exception of the inspection results.  Those will be presented in the language that they were input into MultiPoint.
  4. Add new lines to the DMS for approved recommendations.

User Preferences

[responsive]user_preferences[/responsive]You have the ability to customize different areas of MultiPoint. All user options are available in the User Preferences option on the Tools menu.

Toolbar Reports

For quickest access, place buttons on your toolbar for the reports you use most frequently.

  1. Open User Preferences and select Toolbar Reports tab if it is not already displayed.
  2. Check the box next to the reports that you would like on your toolbar.
  3. Select a report and use the up and down buttons to change the order that your buttons appear on your toolbar. Buttons at the top of the list will be placed towards the left side of the toolbar.

[box style="1"]TIP: The size of the AutoPoint window and the resolution of the computer monitor determine the number of buttons that will fit across the top of the toolbar.  If the number of buttons exceeds the room available the drop down arrow icon will appear on the far right end of the toolbar.  Clicking the drop down arrow icon will give you access to the missing buttons.[/box]


Depending on your particular set up you may have access to mobile notifications. For a Quick Start Card regarding this feature contact AutoPoint Help Desk or any AutoPoint associate.


[responsive] email[/responsive]Enter your email address to set this as your default return address for reports sent to customers. This allows your customers to reply directly to you.

  1. Open User Preferences and select the Email tab.
  2. Type your email address.
  3. Click the OK button

My Flags

The default Shop Flags (1, 2 and 3) are seen by all users logged into MultiPoint.  However an additional Flag (My Flag) is available for service advisors.  From the Column Chooser select My Flag.  In the user preferences a service advisor can create flags that only will be seen by that particular user.  Those flags can be customized by wording and by the icon shown.


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