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Shop Watch and Shop Loading

Posted by Manuel Soto Thursday, March 19, 2015

In our last blog article, we introduced you to some of the valuable features and uses of Shop Watch, and how it can increase the efficiency of your online scheduling processes. Shop Watch is much more than an appointment scheduling tool, however. Today I’d like to cover more about Shop Watch’s shop loading abilities.

Have you ever lost a repair because a customer wanted their vehicle serviced on a specific date, but your dealership failed to accommodate them – even when there were plenty of open spots? Have you seen service advisors delay scheduling a job to ensure it’s scheduled on a day the advisor is working, so as to get the commission, resulting in down time in your service bays? Every time you look at an open bay in service, do you see money flying out the window?

Shop Watch helps to alleviate these common problems, which many service managers encounter on a daily basis. It is customized to your precise dealership needs, including labor hours for specific services. For example, Shop Watch knows how long it will take for a transmission repair versus an oil change. As appointments are created, the system blocks off the appropriate amount of time. Gone are the days of upset customers you cannot service at the promised date and time, due to scheduling issues. Regardless of who makes the appointment – be it the customer online through your website, a receptionist, a BDC rep, or even the service advisor -- it is all done through Shop Watch. It acts as a fine-tuned scheduling/shop loading machine, preventing backlogs in your service department, while optimizing the time you actually have available.

Just as in service scheduling, this is all done in real-time and is completely integrated into the DMS. When a service appointment is scheduled that requires parts, Shop Watch automatically blocks out available hours for any date that the parts are scheduled to arrive, allocating the time for those repairs. This results in happy customers and improved CSI. The customer’s time and expectations are correctly managed; they no longer have to wait longer than expected to get their vehicle fixed and back on the road.


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