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MPi Releases EDGE Mobile for Service Advisors, Helps Auto Dealer Service Departments Maximize Customer Upsell and Profitability

Posted by Manuel Soto Monday, August 01, 2011

Las Vegas, NV -  MPi (www.mpiworldclass.com), the leading provider of vehicle inspection tools, processes, and consulting for auto dealer service departments, today announced the release of EDGE Mobile for Service Advisors.

EDGE Mobile is an effective sales tool developed for auto dealership service advisors to leverage as they interact with their customers during the Greet and Write-up process. Currently available for the iPod Touch and the iPhone, EDGE Mobile enables service advisors to quickly capture and communicate legitimately needed opportunities that are commonly not identified until much later in the service process. Providing this information and interaction at the Greet and Write-up process helps build trust with the customer. It establishes better rapport for the upsell of any legitimately needed work, leading to a better upsell process and increased profitability.

Some key features and benefits of EDGE Mobile include:

* Enables service advisors to perform a walk-around inspection before the repair order has been written up in the Dealership Management System
* Provides access to Previously Declined Recommendations that were made on prior visits, allowing the advisor to recommend other identified services during write-up.
* Delivers customer educational information; such as Recommendation Videos and additional information articles, to help better educate the customer and assist in the sales cycle.  These communication tools are available directly on the mobile device once a recommendation has been made. This includes items from today's inspection and previously declined items.
*  Provides three customizable best practice walk-around inspection templates that make implementation quick and simple. Two are designed to help sell more on the drive while the third minimizes liability through documentation of dents and dings.

"Customers are more inclined to agree to needed repairs if they have an upfront conversation about the options available to them, rather after spending a period of time waiting for their vehicles and then learn that more work is needed," commented Les Silver, MPi Chairman/CEO. "EDGE Mobile provides this information and interaction at the Greet and Write-up process, which helps build a better rapport for the upsell of any legitimately needed work.  It makes for a happier customer as they know what to expect and it streamlines the entire upsell process," Silver added.

Utilizing MPi's EDGE program, MPi's primary focus is providing dealerships the necessary tools, processes and training to successfully institute a comprehensive, World Class Inspection Program (WCI) in service departments across North America.  Since 2003, MPi's proven results driven solution has been helping over 1,000 dealerships achieve a 4 or 5 to 1 return on investment by increasing the sale of legitimately needed service work.

The EDGE program focuses on the management of a "customer friendly" vehicle inspection process which, when performed correctly, produces better results.  MPi's complete and all inclusive vehicle inspection program includes its state of the art software solution, EDGE; customized customer friendly communication tools (Recommended Action Plan™ and Know Your Vehicle™ Reports); detailed management reporting and analysis tools; ongoing consulting and training services; and process and performance metrics.

EDGE pricing is based on dealership size and number of users. A dealership can receive a no-cost price quote and business case by contacting MPI at (888) 335-5736, or visit MPi's website at: www.mpiworldclass.com.


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