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MPi Unveils EDGE WorldClass™ at NADA 2012, Winning Auto Dealer Service Solution Provides Smarter Service, Drives Revenues and Customer Retention

Posted by Manuel Soto Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Las Vegas, NV - MPi (www.mpiworldclass.com), a leading provider of winning automotive dealership service solutions, today announced that MPi EDGE, the only proven dealership service solution, has been completely revamped and will be re-launched as EDGE WorldClass™ at NADA 2012.

EDGE WorldClass™ is a comprehensive product suite that is a more flexible, nimble and personalized approach; customizable to fit the exact needs of any dealership. From Express to Mobile technology, to any configuration of service bays, EDGE WorldClass™ empowers customer pay profitability. According to a recent study of the more than eight hundred franchise dealerships using the system, EDGE WorldClass produces a much sought after average monthly up-sell from inspections of $81,996. EDGE WorldClass™ will be unveiled at the 2012 NADA & ATD Convention and Expo in Las Vegas, NV, February 3-6, booth #1479. To sign up for a demonstration call 888-503-8040 or visit (www.mpi-edge.com/contact.aspx)

Since its original launch in 2003, MPi has developed a tremendous Knowledge Base from the more than 15 million vehicle inspections performed. As a result, EDGE WorldClass™ has evolved into the most effective and feature-rich offering in the market; dealerships using the system now see an average monthly upsell from inspections of over $80,000.

"Within less than 20 days of installation we saw our numbers increase by 15% over average, and continue to see an increase of more than $65,000 in monthly parts and labor gross profits, and a monthly parts/labor sales increase of over $100,000. Our numbers are phenomenal, especially when you look at 2010 versus 2011," said Vinnie Lamica, service director at Mercedes-Benz of Santa Rosa, CA. Lamica sees those huge gains flowing directly from the system's ability to spot areas where advisors and technicians fell short and correct them quickly. "MPi is truly the most comprehensive and technologically advanced product suite on the market for Fixed Operations."

EDGE WorldClass allows users to customize a solution that is perfect for their specific needs.  It combines MPi's Inspection™ program with technology-enabled processes and metrics that allow everyone from the dealer principal to fixed operations managers, service advisors, technicians and the parts department to quickly and effectively measure all aspects of their customer pay business.

"With EDGE WorldClass we're coining a new industry buzzword similar to F&I; I&R (Inspect and Retain). EDGE WorldClass™ is the leading I&R solution for dealerships," says Rich Holland, MPi President. "We've created a more flexible, nimble and personalized approach to our solution. It's no longer one size fits all. Now dealers from all levels have full access and can personalize what best fits their dealership's needs. It's like turning on a light switch when dealerships implement EDGE WorldClass™ and begin to see data they'd long considered impossible to collect."


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