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Admin Option - Packages and the Central Repository

Posted by Manuel Soto Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Central Repository

Uploading a Package

You may want to upload an inspection package that you have built at one shop so that you can download it for use at other shops. If you don't know how to upload a package, go to this page: Central Repository

Here are the rules for uploading a package:

  1. Format the name of the package you are uploading like this: Your Last Name - Package Name - Creation Date (Example: Wolsey - Citrus Easy Inspection - 11/15/2011)
    • Your name lets everyone know who uploaded it
    • Packages will get deleted after they are 30 days old. Please delete the package once you are done with it.
    • We do not want to have packages that are no longer used taking up space on the Central Repository
  2. If you upload a package and do not follow the naming convention above, it may end up getting deleted

See Screenshot below:


Editing an Inspection Package

It is a "Best Practice" to have our customers use one of our approved 3.5 WCI Inspections without any changes whenever possible. However, customers will often request to have some changes made to better fit their needs. In an effort to give our customers what they need, we have the ability to make these requested changes. We do however have some recommended "Best Practices" that need to be followed when doing so.

Here are the rules/best practices for editing/changing an Inspection Package:

  1. Changes to packages are made on the customer's server only...Never on the Central Repository
    • The packages on the Central Repository are MPI approved and you do not have the authority to edit/make changes to them
    • If the customer requests a custom made inspection, try to use one of the WCI 3.5 Inspections as a template
    • You can then give the inspection a new name and make the customer-requested changes
    • This will save you a lot of time! Never create an inspection package from scratch!
  2. If you need to add additional tasks to an inspection, try to use existing tasks from the EDGE 160-point inspection or the 3.5 WCI Inspections
    • These tasks have obs/recs, AI and videos already associated with them. This will save you time!
    • These tasks are also used in the Customer Portal , so it is important to use these tasks whenever possible
  3. If you do need to create a brand new tsk, because a comparable one does not exist in either the EDGE 160-point or the 3.5 WCI inspections:
    • Make sure that you select a "Category" for the task
    • Make sure to add "Specifications" as applicable for the task
    • Try to use Obs/Recs from the EDGE 160-point inspection or one of the 3.5 WCI Inspections whenever possible
    • This will save you time! These recs already have "AI" associated with them as applicable.
  4. If you do need to custom author new observations or recommendations because comparable ones do not exist in either the EDGE 160 point inspection or the 3.5 WCI inspections:
    • Make sure to link "AI" to any new recommendation if an applicable "AI" article exists

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