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Admin Options - Customer Reports

Posted by Manuel Soto Thursday, April 18, 2013

Customer Reports

Your dealership can use the Customer Reports to help your customers understand more about the services you are recommending and their vehicle. EDGE provides a Customer Report Editor that lets you build and format the reports you give to your customers the way you want them to look.

Customer Reports Tab

The Customer Reports tab is where you start when you are going to add or change any of your customer reports. To get here, take the following steps:

  1. From EDGE, click Tools, Admin Option.
  2. Click the Customer Reports tab.


Shop Logo - Lets you select an image from your PC to use for the default shop logo. The default shop logo can can be selected as an attribute on the Cover Page and in other areas.

Allow multi-lingual reports - Check this preference to enable printing and emailing of Spanish-language customer reports. For more information, see the article on Printing Customer Reports in Spanish.

Prompt when Treatment Plan is not complete for - Select these preferences to get a warning when emailing or printing a customer report from EDGE. The warning gives you the option to highlight the required fields, or ignore the warning and continue emailing or printing. You can choose whether to be warned on the pre-sale report (Action Plan), the post-sale report (Know Your Vehicle), or both.


For more information on customer reports, see the article on Adding or Changing Customer Reports.


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