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Admin Options - Email

Posted by Manuel Soto Thursday, May 16, 2013

Email Options

The Email options can be setup for the shop through the Administrator Options in Tools.


Outgoing Mail Server

This option is set to the shop's mail relay server.

  • The format for this field usually will look like a web address minus the http:// (i.e., mail.mpifix.com)

Three possible solutions to this:

  • The shop has a relay server for us to use.
  • The shop will not have a relay server. In this case we can relay their emails through our relay server.
  • Our Edge client will fail to send to their relay server. In this case you will need to set them up to relay through the security server. This is an advanced function that must be performed by MPi Technical Support.

User Name

This is the user name that will be used to authenticate with the server used in the Outgoing Mail Server option.

  • The format of this usually looks like an email address.


This is the password being used along with the user name to authenticate with the mail server.

  • This is not an MPI password unless the shop is using MPi as a mail relay client. This will be given to us by the dealership or by their email host.

Shop Return Address

Whatever is put into this box is what will show up as the From label in the email to the customer.

  • This does not have to be a valid email address. Many shops may choose to use noreply@shopname.com. Customer may use a valid email address in this field if they choose.

Test Settings

Once you have the email configuration set, click the Test Settings button to confirm everything is working. If the configuration is correct, you will see a window with "Message was successfully sent!". Click Close to return to the Email tab.


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