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Admin Options - Shop Flags

Posted by Manuel Soto Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shop Flags

Shop flags provide the shop with the ability to identify ROs in certain steps of a process or which need specific types of attention. There is no automation involved with shop flags. All actions are dependent on a user manually assigning a certain flag to the RO.

Shop managers set up the shop flags that are available through the Admin Options panel. The shop manager can select a shop flag icon, edit the description, and select a row highlight color for each shop flag. The shop manager can also determine the sort order of the flags when the RO List is sorted according to the shop flag column. There is no limit to the number of additional icons that can be added for use in shop and personal flags. However, icons in the original default set can not be deleted.

Shop flags can be set by all users from the following areas:

  • Edit menu (edits the flag for the currently-selected RO)
  • Right-click menu (when right-clicking on the RO row in the shop flag column)
  • Shop flag dialog (found by double-clicking on the shop flag column on an RO)
  • Shop flag toolbar button (user can set this to be on/off, it should be on by default)
Shop Flag History and Time Elapsed




[two_third_last]A Time Elapsed column on the RO List shows the amount of time that has elapsed since the current flag was set. This column is not in the default set of columns, but it can be added through the Column Chooser panel (found by right-clicking on the RO List column header). Double-clicking on this column will open the history dialog for that RO's shop flags.

When a user mouses over a shop flag or a time in the shop flag's time elapsed column, a tooltip will open, showing the following information:

  • Shop flag icon
  • Shop flag description
  • Flag highlight Color
  • Time elapsed since the shop flag was set
  • Time when the shop flag was set
  • Login name of the user who added the shop flag



Default shop flags

The following flags are included in EDGE when it is first installed at a shop. The shop manager has full control over the shop flags, however, and can change the default set to fit his shop's processes. EDGE should never overwrite configurations made by the shop manager to shop flags.

Shop Flag Column 1


Shop Flag Column 2 Default List

Shop Flag Column 3 Default List




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