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AutoPoint Photos Upgrade - Version 3.0.8

Posted by Manuel Soto Thursday, June 11, 2015

Photos IconThe EdgePhotos2 app has undergone a transition to become the AutoPoint Photos app available in the Apple App store on June 9th, 2015.

Almost all of the changes (except for the look of the new icon) were made under the covers to migrate the code base to a platform that can distribute to iOS and Android.

The one catch with the new app is that you have to be on iOS 7 or greater to use it. Not all Apple iOS devices are capable of upgrading to iOS 7 and they will need to be replaced with a later version to use the AutoPoint Photos app.

If you are thinking about upgrading, here are some important points you should consider:

  1. If you have EdgePhotos2 installed on your iOS device, the AutoPoint Photos app will appear in your Updates list when you open the App Store app.
  2. If you have less than iOS 7 installed on your device and EdgePhotos2 is still working, you should not upgrade. If EdgePhotos2 does not work, you will have to upgrade your device to iOS 7 or later or move to an iOS device that supports it.
  3. When you update the AutoPoint Photos app from the App Store app, it will replace the EdgePhotos2 icon on your device with the new icon.
  4. After you update the app, you can open it from the Recently Updated list in the App Store app or find the new icon on the home page of your device and launch it from there.
  5. You will need your DealerID to log into the new AutoPoint Photos app the first time.
  6. If you don’t see the AutoPoint Photos app in their Upgrades list, you can search the Apple Store for “AutoPoint” to locate and download it.
  7. This upgrade includes the feature that lets you begin taking a new photo while a previous image is still uploading.

If you are not currently leveraging AutoPoint Photos with MultiPoint or OwnerCare, please contact us for more information at (888) 503-8040.



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