Release Notes

CPO Release Notes - February 2015

Posted by Manuel Soto Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Technician Verification

A legal verification box can now display when the technician completes the inspection and/or repairs. You have complete control over the legal verbiage that the technician agrees to and the record is stored for auditing purposes.

KBB: Excluded Makes & Models

For KBB stores only. AutoPoint will now prevent you from KBB-certifying a vehicle that is ineligible based on its make and model.

KBB: In Service Date

For KBB stores only. If a vehicle is in the 5th model year, you will now be required to record the In Service Date on the estimate. This will ensure accurate calculations when determining if a vehicle is KBB-eligible. You will receive a warning if you forget to enter the In Service Date.

KBB: Warning if VHR Not Run

For KBB stores only. A VHR must be run inside AutoPoint for a vehicle to be considered for KBB-Certification. You will now receive a warning message if the VHR has not been run.

Defects Resolved

15 defects have been resolved to help improve your experience in AutoPoint.


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