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CPO Training - Approve Recommended Services

Posted by Manuel Soto Friday, July 03, 2015

Approve Recommended Services (APPROVE status):

Once the Technician has performed the inspection and the estimate has been prepared, the RO can be sent to you by the Advisor so you can make a decision on whether to proceed and recondition the vehicle or not.  The system also allows Service Advisors to approve the work (and skip sending it to you).

  1. Click vehicle details from the RO Active view list.  From here you can:
    • View each recommendation with all pricing information.
      • Prices can be adjusted by the Advisor before you approve a recommendation.  After that, only the Service Manager can adjust prices.  No one can adjust prices after you finalize an RO.
    • View the inspection form by clicking the [Inspection] button across the top.
    • View or add notes by clicking the Note icon in the upper-left corner
  2. Record the approval of recommendations.
    1. [Approve All] approves all recommendations and sends the RO to the Technician (REPAIR status).
    2. [Decline All] declines all services and leaves the RO with you so you can print the final report (FINALIZE status).
    3. Individually marking the Approved Checkmarks and clicking [Done] will approve the selected services and send it to the Technician (REPAIR status).


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