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CPO Training - Finalize RO and Send

Posted by Manuel Soto Friday, July 03, 2015

Finish and Print/Email/Upload CPO Report (FINALIZE status):

Finalizing an RO allows you to print, email and upload (to AutoTrader) the final report and closes the RO.  The report contains a cover page, a printout of the completed inspection form and the Carfax report for that vehicle.  You can finalize one or more ROs at the same time, depending on whether you start the process from the RO list or the RO details.

  1. Click [Finalize].
    • From the RO list, all ROs in the Finalize status will be available.
    • From the RO details view, only that RO is available.
  2. Check the vehicle(s) you wish to finalize.


To Print:

  1. Click [Print].
  2. Select your printing options.
    • Notes:
      • Print the form in landscape vs portrait based on the layout of the OEM CPO form.
      • Best practice is to not include [ ] Header and footers and Include [x] Background colors and images.
  3. Click [Print].
    • If your browser blocks popups, you will need to allow popups from this site for the print window to display.
  4. Click [Done].


To Email:

  1. Click [Email].
    • If your browser blocks popups, you will need to allow popups from this site for the email window to display.
  2. Input the email addresses in the From, To, and CC fields.
  3. You may modify the subject of the email or add any text to the body of the message.  Do not edit the link code.
  4. Click [Send].
    • You will get a message stating whether the email succeeded or failed.
  5. Close the window when you are done.
    • The window remains open so you can email the report to someone else if needed.


To Upload:

  1. Click [Upload].
    • This will display a confirmation screen listing each report that will be uploaded.
    • If your browser blocks popups, you will need to allow popups from this site for the upload window to display.
  2. Click [Upload] again to begin the process.
    • The upload window will disappear and upload the report(s) in the background so you do not have to wait for the upload to complete.


  • A Print, Email and/or Upload icon will be displayed on the RO(s) indicating you have performed the corresponding action in the Finalize screen.
  • Once an RO is finalized, it will be closed and disappears from your RO lists (both Active and All).
  • Once an RO is closed, it cannot be edited in any way by any user.  You can only reprint, email or upload the report.
  • To reprint, email or upload the report for a closed RO, use the VIN, Stock#, RO# or Tag# in the Search All ROs box in the upper left corner of the RO lists and click [Finalize] again.


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