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CPO Training - Record Inspection Results

Posted by Manuel Soto Friday, July 03, 2015

Record CPO Inspection results (INSPECT status):

Performing the inspection electronically has a number of benefits.  1) It gives you the opportunity to build a list of services needed to bring the vehicle up to the level necessary for certification.  2) The recommendation list is then leveraged to create the estimate so it can be presented to the Used Car Manager for approval.  3) The inspection becomes the foundation of a sales report which is used to assist in the selling of the vehicle.

  1. Click the vehicle details on the RO list to access the inspection form.
  2. Fill out the inspection form as appropriate.  There are several different field types:
    1. Free text fields – Click in the cell and type the requested information.
    2. Check box field (Pass, N/A, Yes, No, etc…) – Click to place a checkmark.  No additional actions needed.
    3. Needs Attention (Failed) fields – Click to bring up the Recommendation dialog box.
      1. Mark the recommendation of what needs to be done to certify the vehicle.  You can input the labor hours on each recommendation when appropriate.
      2. Mark any relevant Observations which support the recommendation (optional).
      3. Click [OK] to save the recommendation.
    4. Measurements – Click to bring up all related measurement tasks (i.e. tires)
      1. Select each measurement for all listed tasks.
      2. Click [OK] to save.
    5. Interactive Vehicle Graphics – Click on the graphic to place a mark.  To remove a mark, click it a second time.
  3. Click [Done].
    • An orange notification bar indicates the RO has been sent to the Parts Department (ESTIMATE status).  Dismiss the notification by clicking the X on the right side of the bar.


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