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Customer Reports - Coupon Page

Posted by Manuel Soto Saturday, April 13, 2013

Coupon Page

Use this article to learn more about creating and editing a Coupon Page for your Customer Reports. For an example of a Coupon Page, see the attachment at the end of this article.

The Coupon Page is customizable. To customize it, take the following steps:

  1. From EDGE, click Tools, Admin Options to display the Administrator Options window.
  2. Click on the Customer Reports tab, select your report in the list, and click Edit.
  3. Select it in the Report Format panel and click Edit Section to display it in the Letter Page Editor window.
  4. Using the guide below, make any changes you want.
  5. Click the down-arrow on any text section dropdown box to display the rich text editor.
  6. Customize the text in any way and insert tags as needed.
  7. Use Preview to see how your changes look.
  8. Click OK to save.
Coupon Page Editor


Title - Check this preference if you want one large area for the Coupon Page for your coupon or some text. Uncheck this to divide the page into three sections if you want to have your multiple coupons or sections on the page. You can have an image or custom text, but not both.

Top, Middle, Bottom Section - Check these boxes to include all three sections.

Section Image - Select the image you want to show in the top section of the Coupon Page.

  1. Click the image dropdown box and select an image type from the Typedropdown box.
    • Default - uses the image set as the default shop logo on the Customer Reports tab.
    • Custom - uses the image selected with the ImageBrowse¬†button in the Image dropdown box.
    • Shop Logo - uses the image set as the default shop logo on the Customer Reports tab.
    • Know Your Vehicle - uses the default MPi Know Your Vehicle Banner image.
    • Recommended Treatment Plan - uses the default MPi Recommended Treatment Plan Banner image.
    • Recommended Action Plan - uses the default MPi Recommended Action Plan Banner image.
  2. Select a Sizingoption
    • Center - keeps the image its actual size and centers it in the section.
    • Stretch - Stretches the image to fill the horizontal size of the section.
    • Proportional - Resizes the image to fill the vertical and horizontal size of the section.

Section Text - Enter any text you want to show in the section of the Coupon Page.

  1. Click the Text radio button and click the text dropdown box to open a rich text editor.
  2. Key in the text and format it as you like and click OK to save.

The rich text editor supports the ability to insert tags that contain transaction information such as date, customer information, advisor and vehicle information that changes from customer to customer.

  • Click the dropdown box to show the rich text editor.
  • Click the [t] button to open the tag window.
  • Click on the [D] tag to insert the current date tag.

Page Footer - Includes your dealership name and address information.

Reset to Template - Resets the cover page to the EDGE defaults.

Preview - Use the Preview button to see your customizations before you implement them.


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