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DMS Op Code Table

Posted by Manuel Soto Saturday, April 20, 2013

DMS Op Code Table

Automatic pricing of package tasks or recs

Using the Package Editor, a DMS op code can be associated with:

  1. Packages - for the purposes of auto-binding that package to an RO.
  2. Tasks - for the purposes of auto-populating the task's price under the Factory Scheduled Catch-Up Maintenance, Factory Scheduled Maintenance, Dealer Recommended Maintenance, and Dealer Recommended Catch-Up Maintenance sections of the Treatment Plan.
  3. Recommendations - for the purposes of auto-populating the recommendation's price under the Inspection Recommendations section of the Treatment Plan.
Automatic Pricing of OCR Lines

EDGE will price original customer request lines on the Treatment Plan when those op codes have been priced in the DMS op code table.

Descriptions Showing on the Treatment Plan

EDGE shows the most current op code descriptions on the Treatment Plan by pulling them from the RO records rather than the DMS Op Code Table. The DMS Op Code Table is still populated with the op code description that existed when the op code table was originally pulled from the DMS. This is done so as to not risk over-writing a manual edit to an op code description in the DMS Op Code Table.



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