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EDGE 3.14 - Release Notes

Posted by Manuel Soto Wednesday, February 06, 2013

EDGE 3.14 - Quick Start Card

EDGE release 3.14 introduced three enhancements into the EDGE System. Those enhancements are:

  1. Addition of unit number on the Service Advisors RO list. (If a unit number is currently provided from the DMS.)
  2. The ability to specify what needs to be taxed on the estimate through a fixed or variable amount on the RO.
  3. Change to default verbiage in the KnowYourVehicle® report.

Adding Unit # to Repair Order List

  1. Right click any column and select Column Chooser from the drop down menu.
  2. Click on Unit # and drag it to your preferred location on the RO List.
  3. This will now show on the RO list in EDGE

Editing Tax Information

  1. Under the Tools tab, select Admin Options.
  2. On the Administrator Options window, select the Treatment Plan tab.
  3. Click on the Configure Taxes and Fees button.
  4. Click on the Shop Taxes tab in the Calculate Taxes and Fees window.
  5. Click Add to add a new tax.
  6. Click Save when finished.

Fixed Fee
An amount that will be a charged on every estimate.

Variable Fee
Percentage of parts and labor that will be charged on each estimate.

  • User can specify TOTAL (taxes total estimate amount)
  • PARTS (taxes just the parts amount on the estimate)
  • LABOR (taxes just the labor amount on the estimate)
  • Minimum and maximum amount thresholds that can be taxed


  1.  If box is checked, the tax is active and can be selected on the estimate.
  2. Option to only apply tax based on user specifications (Labor, Parts, Total), only if the amount exceeds a pre-set amount.
  3. Option to default estimate to tax exempt, and add any taxes needed on the estimate itself.

[separator headline="h3" title="Making Estimates Tax Exempt or Overriding the Tax Amount"]

  1. From the Treatment Plan window, click the Taxes and Fees link in the lower right corner of the screen to display the Edit Taxes and Fees window.
  2. Check the box in the Exempt column to remove the tax from the estimate.
  3. If the estimate is not exempt, you can click in the Recommended column on the Tax row to manually override the tax amount on the estimate.


KnowYourVehicle® Verbiage

Verbiage in the KnowYourVehicle® report letter has been updated to include the following disclaimer. This disclaimer will only be added if the dealership has not made custom changes to the "Bullet Items" section of the Letter template.

"DISCLAIMER: Addressing any identified issues listed by the report, should improve the safety and performance of your vehicle. However, please remember that the inspection is limited to a visual inspection of the items listed on the report without disassembling or test driving your vehicle. Therefore, it is not possible for the technician to see or identify all potential defects, especially those that are internal to the engine, transmission, drive line, electrical system or other components. The cleanliness of the vehicle both inside and out at the time of the actual inspection may reduce the accuracy of the inspection. Your vehicle may have conditions that are not evident at the time of the inspection or otherwise not presented or noticed during the inspection process. Therefore, the inspection and condition report does not provide any guarantee or warranty that the vehicle will not break down in the future, or have conditions that were undetected during the inspection or were omitted from the report."


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