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EDGE 3.16 - Release Notes

Posted by Manuel Soto Wednesday, February 06, 2013

EDGE 3.16 Quick Start

EDGE release 3.16 introduced two enhancements into the EDGE System:

  1. EDGE Spell Checker
  2. Background EDGE updates

EDGE Spell Checker

MPi is implementing a spell checker process within the application. With EDGE 3.16, a spell checker is now available in Observations & Recommendations, Shop Notes, and Emails/ Texts.

SpellCheckAs you type in any of these 3 areas, EDGE will automatically underline words that it believes to be misspelled. By clicking on the ABC icon, suggestions for your misspelled words will appear. Double-click on the correct word to instantly replace it and move on to the next misspelled word.

In the automotive industry there are many special terms and acronyms which are not captured in a standard dictionary. The Add button allows you to add these words to your custom dictionary for future use.

CompleteOnce all words have been analyzed and corrected by you, simply hit the OK button in the spell checker complete box.

The same spell checker process can be followed in both the Emails/Texts and Shop Notes areas.

Background EDGE Updates

Upgrades to EDGE (including user requested features) are regularly released, however they may not always arrive at convenient times for downloading. Rather than forcing an upgrade as soon as it is available, EDGE upgrades will now download in the background allowing users to still be productive on the EDGE system. When next logging into EDGE the user will automatically have the latest version of the software, allowing them to bypass the manual update process.


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