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EDGE 3.17 - Release Notes

Posted by Manuel Soto Thursday, February 21, 2013

EDGE 3.17 - Quick Start

EDGE Release 3.17 introduces a number of changes in the following areas:

EDGE Spell Checker

MPi is implementing a spell checker process within the application. With EDGE 3.16, a spell checker is now available in Observations & Recommendations, Shop Notes, and Emails/ Texts.

SpellCheckAs you type in any of these 3 areas, EDGE will automatically underline words that it believes to be misspelled. By clicking on the ABC icon, suggestions for your misspelled words will appear. Double-click on the correct word to instantly replace it and move on to the next misspelled word.

In the automotive industry there are many special terms and acronyms which are not captured in a standard dictionary. The Add button allows you to add these words to your custom dictionary for future use.

CompleteOnce all words have been analyzed and corrected by you, simply hit the OK button in the spell checker complete box.

The same spell checker process can be followed in both the Emails/Texts and Shop Notes areas.

PLEASE NOTE: On Windows XP machines, it may be necessary to shut down and restart your computer once the 3.17 upgrade has occurred. This will ensure proper download of the Spell Check Dictionary to EDGE.



EDGE Accelerator Update: SEARCH

When you become part of the MPi family, you are able to leverage the many data assets provided by our sister companies. With this in mind we have upgraded our SEARCH Accelerator to take advantage of Direct- Hit from our sister company Identifix. Direct-Hit is an award-winning, online tool for vehicle diagnostics and OEM repair information. Previously, SEARCH provided all service information for supported OEMs. With Direct-Hit, you now also receive Hotline Archives, OEM Direct and Supercharged Search capability.

Hotline Archives

Identifix has compiled information from over 20 years of Repair Hotline calls, creating an exclusive collection of accurate, tested, real-world information from shops across the country — with more than 1,500 new cases added each week!

Potential Causes and Confirmed Fix Summary sections expand into complete and accurate documents and procedures straight from the factory so you can get the job done without ever leaving the comfort of EDGE!

OEM Direct

Already know what’s wrong with the vehicle? Access the OEM information you need right from the OEM Direct section. Just click on the category you’re looking for to see all the related factory documents. If you’re more comfortable with the factory service manual index, simply click on the Service Manuals tab to view the information in a more familiar listing.

Supercharged Search

This isn’t your ordinary keyword search! Supercharged Search looks for other terms related to your keyword so you never need to know the exact language in order to quickly find what you’re looking for! And we only give you information pertaining to your search so you never have to scroll through pages of useless information.

As an example, if you search for "AC” then Supercharged Search will also be looking at terms such as A/C, air conditioner, air cond, and many more.

 To learn more about SEARCH features and pricing, visit www.autopoint.com or talk to one of our EDGE representatives at 888.503.8040.


SmartTechPut the right vehicle information in front of the right person (technician) at the right time, (prior to inspecting the vehicle).

SMART TECH is now available to a technician from the RO in Progress screen. This allows a technician to leverage pertinent information about the vehicle in question based on make/ model and mileage band so they do not overlook potential opportunities.

Automatic PORTAL Updates

Update the PORTAL without manual steps. Previous to 3.17 a Service Advisor was required to manually push updates to the PORTALby pushing the Update Site button or by sending the AP/KYV. With 3.17, any time a customer facing change is made to an RO it will automatically be pushed to the PORTAL. No more remembering to ensure it is up-to-date; it all happens behind the scenes as you work.

To learn more about Portal features and pricing, visit www.autopoint.com or talk to one of our EDGE representatives at 888.503.8040.

Multiple Coupon Pages

CustomerReportEditorProvide the dealership the flexibility to include multiple pages for discounts or coupons in a customer report.

Customer facing reports such as the Action Plan and Know Your Vehicle report now allow for up to 5 coupon pages to be included in the report.

Shop Notes

Add emphasis to items which require attention and keep working with Shop Notes open.

Rich text support

Shop Notes now offers the option of writing messages in rich text. Change the font color, font size, bold, italicize, underline, align text, create bulleted lists, include images (copy & paste) and more!

Work with Shop Notes open

Continue to work on an RO while the Shop Notes window remains open. If you have yet to save your notes and switch RO’s you will be prompted to save your work. Now you can finish your estimate on the Treatment Plan while Shop Notes is open.

RO List Changes

Avoid looking up the customer DMS number by referencing it right from the RO List. Need to know when an RO’s PORTAL or PHOTOS are available? Now you can at a glance.

DMS customer number column

A new column option has been added to the RO List to display the DMS customer number. The new column can be enabled by right-clicking on a column header, select Column Chooser, locate DMSCustomerNumber from the list and drag it to the header location of choice.

PortalExistsPORTAL exists column

A new column option has been added to the RO List to indicate the availability of a PORTAL. An icon will appear for the RO once a PORTAL has been generated and is available. The new column can be enabled by right-clicking on a column header, select Column Chooser, locate Customer PORTAL Page from the list and drag it to the header location of choice.

PhotosExistPHOTOS exist column

A new column option has been added to the RO List to indicate whether PHOTOS have been uploaded for a particular RO/Vehicle. An icon will appear for the RO once PHOTOS have been added and are available. The new column can be enabled by right-clicking on a column header, select Column Chooser, locate RO PHOTOS from the list and drag it to the header location of choice.

Treatment Plan Changes

Advisor Name Added to Treatment Plan

Know which Advisor is working on an RO quickly when reviewing the Treatment Plan. The name of the advisor assigned to the repair order now displays at the bottom of the Treatment Plan window.

CheckXConsolidate Approve/Decline Columns

Approve/decline columns have been combined and will utilize a "Check" or ”X”, making it easier to see what is approved/declined in one column.

DelineReasonAdd a Declined Recommendation Reason

Capture and understand the reasons your customers decline recommended services.

New Icons for Failed/Cautioned/Passed

Quickly assess the severity of the recommended services by glancing at the icons.

PassFailIconsConsolidate All Recommended Services

More easily review the actionable work items by seeing them together. All recommended services are now grouped together. All recommendations made to an RO are now presented together based on result (yellow, red, or NA).

Admin Options

DMS Op Code Table Changes

Add pay type and labor hours for your op codes, in the Op Code Table. This change is to support future enhancements to EDGE.


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