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EDGE 3.18 - Release Notes

Posted by Manuel Soto Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The primary focus of this release is to improve performance and add highly requested features which improve usability.   This release will help minimize the amount of manual input users need to do in order to address your customers’ primary concerns while improving numerous areas of performance within the EDGE program.  We have also added a couple of features in support of our partnership with MSX International, namely functionality that supports the ¼ Time and RIM selling techniques. Additionally there were numerous bug fixes that can be reviewed in the attachment at the bottom of this article.

EDGE Enhancements

Recommendations Drag & Drop


All EDGE users will now have the ability to move recommendations on the Estimate by dragging them from the Recommendations section and dropping them on an original customer request.  This will not only minimize the technicians need to manually type this information, but also assist your service advisors in being able to assign recommendations related to the customer primary concern. This functionality will help in the selling of recommended services by letting you group related recommendations together to promote a smoother sales delivery.

Any Additional Information associated with the recommendation stays with it when it is moved to an original customer request line. Also, if a recommendation originates on the original customer request, it can be moved down to the Recommendations section.

To move a recommendation to an original customer request, take the following steps:

  1. Click and hold the mouse button the item you want to move
  2. Drag the item onto the RO Line Item
  3. Release the mouse button to drop the item on the line.

How Drag & Drop Affects Reports

If you move an inspection recommendation to an original customer concern, it will count on the reports as a Customer Request. This means it will not longer be counted as an inspection recommendation and will not be counted in the value of Caution/Failed Inspection recommendations either.

Use Cases for Drag & Drop

The primary reason for moving a recommendation is because it addresses the customer's original concern.  Another good use is to put together recommendations that make logical sense to recommend “with” the original concern.  For example, if the customer's concern was that the check engine light was on and the technician finds that the MAF sensor has failed, the technician may also recommend from the inspection to do an air induction service.  Since that goes logically with replacing the MAF sensor, the advisor may drag it up to that line.

EDGE Photos Column

You now have the option* to alert the service advisor that there are photos available for any given repair order right on the RO list.  This provides him with easy access to those photos for use in selling services. This is accomplished with a new optional column on the RO List that will present the user with a clickable icon when photos are available.

Clicking the icon will open up the EDGE Photos window as if you had clicked the Photos button on the toolbar.

PhotosExistTo add this new column to your RO List, take the following steps:

  1. Open the RO List screen and right click on the column headers.
  2. Select the Column Chooser option to display the Column Chooser window.
  3. Click on the RO Photos column and drag it to any location on the RO List.

*You must upgrade your mobile devices to the latest version of the EDGE Photos software for the new column to work. Go to http://photos.mpifix.com/  and tap on Download Latest to install the upgrade.

Shop Notes Font Saved by User

Shop Notes has been modified to save your font size and attributes automatically when you change them.

RichTextToolBarTo save your Shop Notes font preferences, take following steps:

  1. Click the Shop Notes button to open the Edit Shop Notes window.
  2. Select font attributes on the rich text tool bar.
  3. Enter a note and click Save & Close. Your font preferences will be saved until the next time you change them.

New Notifier Option

DeclinedRecNotificationA new notification option has been added to alert you when a failed recommendation is declined.

To set up the new alert, take the following steps:

  1. In EDGE, click Tools on the menu and select User Preferences.
  2. Click on the Notification tab and click the Subscription button.
    • If this is your first time in Notifier, key in your phone number or the email address you'd like to be notified at and click Save.
    • You will receive a confirmation message.
  3. Click New Subscription and Select Declined Recommendations from the Set up Subscriptions drop down box.
  4. Click Save, Close, and OK to return to EDGE.

System Enhancements

Notifier Engine Enhancements

The notifier engine that keeps you informed about important events in your shop has been significantly modified to improve performance and reliability.

MSX and RIM Support

MPi and MSX Partnership

QTimeMPi has partnered with MSX International to create 2 new features in EDGE WorldClass which supports the ¼ Time and RIM selling techniques. For more information on this partnership and how to take advantage of the features below, contact MPi Support at MPi Customer Support at (877) 567-4349.

1/4 Time Support

1/4 Time is a philosophy that says if you get an estimate for recommended repairs to a vehicle owner within 1/4 of the time they expect to have their vehicle in the shop, you will have a significantly higher close rate on those recommendations.  EDGE now supports a 1/4 Time clock to help you keep track of the time remaining to get an estimate to your customer.

1/4 time begins counting down as soon as the inspection is added to the RO.  This can be an inspection package that was added with an op code on the DMS or a by a technician in the Tech View screen. If multiple inspection packages with 1/4 time are added, the system only uses the time from the first package added.

Advisors can manually adjust the timer as needed on an RO by RO basis.  There is a counter on the RO lists, Treatment Plan, Tech View and in the inspection.  The timer turns red once the allotted time has passed, but continues to count until the estimate is done and the results are printed or emailed to the customer.

RIM Selling Technique

RIMThe RIM selling technique is supported by a new customer facing report which organizes the recommendations into 3 sections:

  • Related=Primary Concerns.
  • Immediate=Failed items from the inspection.
  • Maintenance=Cautioned items from the inspection.

[button link="http://knowledge.autopoint.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2014/02/edge_318_fixes.pdf" size="small" target="_blank" color="orange" lightbox="false"]Download Complete List of Fixes[/button]

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