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EDGE 3.19 - Release Notes

Posted by Manuel Soto Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The primary focus of this release is to improve performance and streamline product change distribution. Significant effort has been made under the covers to re-architect the EDGE solution to make it work in a true SaaS environment. This means that MPi can host your EDGE server in our data center and you can have access to your EDGE system from anywhere Internet service is available. MPi would like to manage your EDGE server in our data center, so contact MPi Customer Support to schedule your move to the "cloud". There’s no additional change for this upgrade and some users will see real performance improvements.

Multiple EDGE System Improvements

MPi has been aggressively working to make the EDGE software system the fastest, most efficient tool used in your dealership and, to that end, we have done many behind-the-scenese updates.

Network Optimizations

Over the years, EDGE has grown from a basic inspection system to the most robust software tool in the industry, not only for performing inspections, but for all inter-departmental communication around a service repair order. We have completely re-written the network calls made between the EDGE client and server which has significantly improved the performance of many operations within EDGE. This results in numerous noticeable speed improvements. These enhancements are also a foundation which allows EDGE to fully migrate to the Cloud, eliminating the need for an EDGE server at your dealership. Moving EDGE into the Cloud allows for secure access from anywhere without requiring onsite IT to manage the technology resources.

Updated VIN Decoding

EDGE now utilizes the Chrome Data system to assist with decoding vehicle VINs. When a VIN and mileage are captured in EDGE, the vehicle description is pulled from the EDGE vehicle table. If the VIN is not found there, EDGE will call Chrome Data and retrieve all of the VIN data. This new data is added to the vehicle table in EDGE for future use to limit the number of calls made to Chrome. This means that new model vehicles will be recognized properly in EDGE at a much earlier date. This eliminates the need for a technician to manually specify the vehicle details. The Chrome Data system is updated regularly as OEMs publish new VIN data.

Microsoft ClickOnce Application Management

We have invested in a cloud-based application management system call ClickOnce, a Microsoft technology. ClickOnce will completely manage and control the installation and updating processes of the EDGE client installed on your computers. This will minimize user involvement during upgrades and enable MPi to react more quickly to defects and deliver smaller enhancements more frequently without a disruption in service.

User Interface Improvements

In order to make EDGE match the branding and marketing changes that have taken place, we have isolated a few simple modifications that give the EDGE client a more uniform look and feel that is consistent with our corporate marketing direction. We have altered some colors, replaced old logos, and updated the launch page splash screen. we have also renamed a few of the buttons and screens to make them more intuitive for new users. The Treatment Plan has been renamed Estimate. The Customer Info button has been renamed Cust Connect. KYV.com has been rename Portal, and the Tech View tabs have been redesigned.


New EDGE World Class Dashboard

Introducing the new EDGE WorldClass Dashboard, a third generation report designed to help you manage your WorldClass Inspection process. This dashboard is designed to give you a single set of numbers that indicate how well your team is utilizing your MPi EDGE WorldClass software system and inspection processes. This is accomplished by displaying MTD numbers for key metrics across the entire shop along with the results of the prior month and the same month for the prior year side by side. Now you can see your process and performance trends enabling you to better maximize the results of your Inspection program.

The WorldClass Dashboard is located in the EDGE Report Center underneath the Advanced Dashboard.



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