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EDGE Setup Guide - Labor Matrix

Posted by Manuel Soto Friday, March 22, 2013

Labor Matrix Setup Guide

ShopLaborRatesBefore using the EDGE Software be sure you have a copy of your labor matrix ready. You will need to know the correct labor rate for each one-tenth increment in the grid. If you only know the total labor, divide that number by the labor time to get the correct labor rate.

  1. Login to EDGE as a user with Admin rights.
  2. Click on Tools | Admin Options
  3. Click on the Shop tab, then click on Edit Shop Labor Rates…
  4. Input the labor rate in the rate column and then input the *labor time in the description column.
  5. The previous step will need to be repeated for each one-tenth increment in the labor matrix or grid.
 Benefits for Advisors
  • Inputting a labor grid into EDGE will reduce the time it takes Advisors to build their estimates in the EDGE software. EDGE will only require the total parts price and the labor time to calculate a total estimate for any single recommendation.
  • When the labor time is input on the Treatment Plan screen EDGE will look at the grid and automatically input the correct labor rate. This allows the Treatment Plan to quickly and automatically calculate the correct labor and total cost of the recommendation.


Note: EDGE currently sorts the Shop Labor Rates alphabetically as shown:


If you pad the single digits with a leading zero, they will sort as needed:


Note: You will need two zeros for decimals, e.g., ".1" should be entered as "00.1".


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