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Hermes Release - Spring 2015

Posted by Manuel Soto Thursday, March 19, 2015

AutoPoint Platform WheelBosch FlexInspect Integration. The main feature of the Hermes release is integration with our new partner Bosch and their FlexInspect solution. FlexInspect is a web application designed to receive the results with a number of different devices for measuring vehicle system status and condition.

  • New Results Button. A new button has been added to the toolbar called "Results" that will display the FlexInspect inspection results in your default web browser. This way a technician can review the FlexInspect results right in MultiPoint without having to log onto FlexInspect or track down the FlexInspect report.
  • Results Assign. A dropdown menu exists on the Results button with the Option to change the results set assigned to the active repair order. If fa vehicle had more than one set of results from FlexInspect, you can click Assign to select the result set you want.
  • New Customer Report Page. A new page has been developed and added to the Customer Report Editor. This page lets you include the FlexInspect results as part of your Action Plan or KYV report.
  • TreadSpec Recommendations. The Bosch results page now includes recommendations made by TreadSpec based on the tire condition. A recommendation for alignment or tire rotation may be included in the tire section of the Bosch report.
  • Battery Starting/Charging Results. The battery test results on the Bosch results page now includes information regarding the starting and charging power of the battery.

Link Photos to Recommendations. There is a new option in the Photos dialogue box that let's you assign photos to specific recommendations.

  • This feature was implemented to support OwnerCare, our new electronic recommendation approval system announced at NADA.
  • When photos are assigned to a recommendation, they appear in OwnerCare along with the articles and videos about each recommendation.

CDK Writeback Op Code Support. This change allows the advisor to add an op code by typing it in when writing lines back to the CDK DMS.

DealerTrack Writeback Fix. This release fixes the issue where the job description is being written back to DealerTrack rather than the recommendation.

Additional Phone Number for OwnerCare. If the advisor's personal number is not available, OwnerCare will use the dealership phone number as the contact information for the motorist.

Additional Fixes.

  • Observations without recommendations are now included on the AP/KYV.
  • Notifier now fires when there are zero recommendations.
  • Selecting op code description no longer blanks out op code and pay type on writeback.
  • Automatically set contact preferences for email if OwnerCare is enabled.
  • Rec video links now load every time.
  • MultiPoint launches without a Windows printer being installed.
  • Made entire scroll bar visible in the email template editor.
  • Added words "or equal to" to the description of the Recommendations Less Than notification.
  • Resolves an issue where captions to photos aren't saving when entered through MultiPoint.
  • Fixes a problem where ROs won't load using Load RO feature from Tech View screen.
  • Issue with OwnerCare where articles and videos were missing for recommendations on OCR lines.
  • Changed OwnerCare sent timestamp to use local time.
  • Resolves an issue with Spanish translation for KYV cover page.
  • Spelling corrections for South Jordan on the launcher page and for OBD on the Bosch results page.
  • Fix for taxes and fees change not saving in all cases.
  • Recommendations unchecked on the Estimate screen no longer print in the customer reports.
  • Notifier for declined recommendation issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with the subtotals on the AP and KYV with deferred and ad hoc recommendations.
  • Stores with legacy Customer Portal will no longer have opt-out constraints in OwnerCare.

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