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Inserting Screenshots into Shop Notes

Posted by Manuel Soto Saturday, February 02, 2013

Inserting Screenshots into Shop Notes

Common Use Case:

ScreenshotPasteTech asks Parts for 2 inner snap rings (for example) in the "Such and Such” component. When Parts looks up the part, they see that the component has many parts to it.

Prior to EDGE 3.17, Parts would need to have the Tech come over to their computer to identify which piece it is.

With EDGE 3.17, Parts takes a "Print Screen” and pastes it into Shop Notes with a note asking the Tech to identify the piece by its reference number, then uses Shop Flags to send it to the Technician.

Best Practice:

MPi recommends using "Alt + Print Screen” instead of just "Print Screen” by itself.

With the part diagram in the selected (Active) window, press and hold the "Alt” button on the keyboard when you press the Print Screen (may be labeled PrtScn) button. This will capture JUST the active window instead of their entire windows desktop.

Put the cursor where you want the picture to be placed in Shop Notes and Paste.

Both "Ctrl + V” from the keyboard and Right-Click | Paste works.


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