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Inspection Rules - Service Advisor

Posted by Manuel Soto Thursday, March 13, 2014
  1. Every customer vehicle gets an inspection.
    1. Add a line in the dealership management software with the appropriate OP-Code for the inspection (i.e. MPI, 99P, etc.).
  2. Obtain an email address from every customer.
    1. Used for sending inspection results to non-waiting customers.
  3. Duplicate recommendations should be priced at $0.
    1. Price the recommendations that are in the Previously Deferred Recommendations section of the Estimate with $0.00 when they are duplicates of recommendations found in the current Inspection Results.
  4. Make time and mileage based recommendations on the Estimate.
    1. Services needed as determined by the vehicle history in the DMS.
    2. The recommendations are added using the “Add Rec” button as an Additional Recommendation:
      • Observation=Based on time/mileage
      • Recommendation=Perform X service
  5. Every sellable recommendation on the Estimate is assigned an accurate price.
    1. Recommendations that should not be presented to the customer should be addressed with the recommending technician before completing the Estimate. The technician should make the necessary adjustments in the inspection form before presenting the results to the customer.
  6. The Action Plan is reviewed with every customer possible when there are one or more sellable recommendations.
    1. The Action Plan is the “Sell It Today” report; it educates and empowers the customer to make a purchasing decision today.
    2. Print and present to Waiters.
    3. Email and utilize over the phone with customers that are not waiting.
  7. Every sellable recommendation gets Approved or Declined before printing the Know Your Vehicle report.
    1. This ensures that the customer has accurate information to make future purchasing decisions.
  8. Work the customer approves gets added to the Repair Order in the dealership management software.
    1. Recommendations that address the primary customer concern are added to the original line.
    2. Recommendations that were approved by the customer are added as new lines on the RO.
  9. The Know Your Vehicle report is reviewed with every customer when they pick up their vehicle.
    1. Used to recap the service visit.
    2. The Know Your Vehicle report is the “bring them back” report which educates and empowers the customer to make future purchase decisions.

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