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MultiPoint 3.19.18

Posted by Laurel Carnes Wednesday, May 18, 2016

MultiPoint Release 3.19.18

This release of MultiPoint features support for instrumented tools in OwnerCare. This required several changes to MultiPoint as well as some significant changes to OwnerCare.

Read the details below:

How It Works

  • The overall flow of OwnerCare will be the same
    • One new stop will be inserted after the first decision page in the learn more work flow (before tech photos, video, and article).
  • Each instrumented tool will use its vendor's own content on the results page.
  • Each instrumented tool will have to be mapped to an inspection task.
    • If an inspection task doesn't exist for a tool (such as alignment check) it must be added.
    • Only one tool may be mapped to an inspection task.
    • If any recommendation is made for a task that corresponds with an instrumented tools type, the instrumented tools inspection results (if any) display in OwnerCare for that recommendation.
  • The following instrumented tools are currently supported
    • Bosch alignment
    • Bosch tire tread
    • Bosch OBD code reader
    • Bosch battery test
    • Bosch tire pressure monitoring system battery tester
    • Hunter drive over tire tread
    • Hunter alignment
    • Banalogic alignment
  • If instrumented tools is activated for a dealership, OwnerCare will automatically support the content when it comes over
  • The OwnerCare page will not display empty in this scenario:
    • Dealership uses instrumented tools for tire tread
    • A vehicle is not inspected by the instrumented tools
    • A recommendation for tire replacement is made


  • A drop-down labeled "Instrumented Tools Type" displays below the Category drop-down of the Inspection Task Details tab in the package editor.
    • The new tool types only appear in the list after the first inspection result for a tool is submitted.
    • This prevents unsupported tool types from populating the list.
    • For example, if the Hunter equipment submits an inspection results for alignment and tread depth, those two tool types will then appear in the list.
  • Drop-down only displays if Instrumented Tools is activated by TechOps.
  • Select the instrumented tool you want to assign to the to the inspection task.
    • Any recommendation made under that task will include the instrumented tools results in OwnerCare.

Other Features

  • In OwnerCare, a new page for instrumented tools has been added to the passed items workflow.
    • When you tap Continue from the list of passed items, the instrumented tools results page displayed when there are no fails or cautions.
  • The OwnerCare approval confirmation message in MultiPoint has been changed to have the approvals and deferrals group together.
  • Instrumented tools integration will now work if multiple shops are sharing the same piece of equipment.
    • In this scenario, TechOps will have to add a vendor dealer ID override.

And Fixes

  • Corrected an issue that caused MultiPoint to crash in some cases when a vehicle engine ID was not available
  • Change the OwnerCare purchasing conditions to show the dealership name rather than the dealer ID
  • You can now print a blank inspection form from MultiPoint without an error
  • Added logging to he vendor service to help troubleshoot issues


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