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MultiPoint DMS Writeback

Posted by Manuel Soto Friday, March 21, 2014

The Writeback feature in MultiPoint allows advisors to add approved recommendations to their repair order in the DMS as new line(s). This saves  time by eliminating the need to manually enter the new job lines into the DMS. This feature is currently available for ADP Drive and Dealertrack DMS. The feature is not supported for any other DMS.

Setup Guide - Enable DMS Writeback

Writeback must be enabled for the dealership. To enable, take the following steps:

  1. Contact the AutoPoint Help Desk and ask for Writeback to be enabled for the shop.
    1. See System Requirements for ADP Users below.

User Guide - Using Writeback

To Write back the recommendation(s) marked approved in the Estimate screen, take the following steps:

  1. Open the Estimate screen. Click DMS Writeback from the top.

Writeback popup

The Writeback screen will display. Complete this screen as follows:

  • (a) Checkbox - Check the line(s) to send to the DMS. If all lines should be sent, click the All check-box at the top of the screen.
  • (b) Op Code - Select the associated DMS op code from the  drop-down
  • (c) Rec - The text in the  field will be on the text line of the Repair Order. Update as needed.
  • (d) Pay Type - ADP Users Only: This will default from your settings but can be overridden as needed by clicking the drop-down menu. (Dealertrack DMS writes the line back as "Customer Pay")
  • (e) Skill Code - ADP Users Only: This defaults from your settings but can be overridden as needed by clicking the drop-down menu.
  • (f) Price - This is the total from the Estimate presented and approved by the customer.
  • Click (g) Write All when desired line(s) are ready. (Click Cancel to clear all changes)

writeback window


  • Any recommendations associated with the customer's primary concern will NOT write back to the DMS. This is due to limitations imposed by the DMS vendor.
  • The following data will be sent to the DMS during the WriteBack:
    • Labor Op Code (whether manually input or auto-populated)
    • Recommendation text (becomes the line text)
    • Line pay type
    • Price (Dealertrack DMS only)
    • Skill Code (ADP DMS only)

System Requirements for ADP Users

  • Must be using ADP Drive
  • Adapter between the MultiPoint system and ADP must be the latest ADP PIP Adapter
  • On the Repair Order:
    1) The promise time on the RO must be in the future
    2) The RO cannot be locked by someone being in it in ADP Drive
    3) A Valid Dispatch Code (Labeled SCode) must be used on each line


Question 1.  If the customer approves an additional line after you’ve already used the Writeback feature on that RO, can I use Writeback again?
Answer:  Yes! Simply follow the same steps, but be sure only the newly approved line is checked to write back.  (Remember to un-check any lines that have already been written to the Repair Order so they don't transfer again).

Question 2. When should I click the “DMS Writeback” button in my workflow?
Answer:  Use the "DMS Writeback" button when you have finished communicating with the customer and obtained their approval and marked the appropriate recommended service(s) approved in the MultiPoint Estimate.  If nothing was approved from the inspection, there is no need to use the feature on that RO.

Question 3. Should I use "DMS Writeback" if the customer only approved the resolution to the original concern?
Answer:  No. The Writeback feature does not facilitate editing of the original lines. Pressing this button will yield no results.

Question 4. Which MultiPoint versions is it compatible with?
Answer: 3.19 and greater

Question 5. Will it work if MultiPoint is not running?
Answer: No



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